Titanium221 Vs. JUMP

here it is! Batlle between us two.
Now VOTE!!!
My weapon for the battle

his weapon


liked jumps because he was so chill why ti you were trying to go to fast

same here, i think JUMP’s tricks look a lot more smooth.

and the lighting was better on jumps. i couldn’t tell what was happening on titaniums

I lose lol. Titanium’s video is great. :slight_smile:

I felt both were great. Jumps was smooth, and had a better camera, yet, Titanium was more tecnical, and also, the pop tricks were awesome. Usually, I would enjoy a smooth showoffy preformance, but I felt Titaniums tricks were harder, faster, and even though it didn’t have any real showoffy tricks like I generally like to see, it was enjoyable to watch. I had to think about my decision for a bit, but I felt Titanium221’s video was slightly better. My vote goes to Titanium221. :slight_smile:

keep voting guys, Its a really close battle!

Agghhhhh!!! TIE!!!

Please give us more votes, I really dont want this to end in a tie.

I’m with James on this one. It was a tough call, but Arty won me over with that Hook to Gyro WalkAround-thingy. That was all sorts of sick. Don’t get me wrong though, Jump’s smoothness made me poop myself. That was a good battle.

See this right here is the thing a lot of people don’t understand. This is a great example of how speedy styles can be good and smooth styles can be good, you don’t have to go 100mph to be good. Great Job both of you. But just so you know I voted for Jump, I like smoother styles that show off what is going on, I mean if the audience (me) can’t see what is going on because you go too fast or your string doesn’t contrast your surroundings the effect I believe is mostly lost. That doesn’t mean that Titanium did crappy, in fact I was really impressed by his video as well, I just enjoyed Jump’s more.

Im not sure what the heck was going on in Titanium’s video.
Jump wins because I can actually see it.


Its not a tie actually

Broke the tie.

The winner will be decided October 1st so keep on voting until then!

i chose jump mainly because i like his
style and because his style sort of reminds me of my style ^___^
It was chill
also clear too see whats going on

dont get me wrong here i like titanium but
vid was a bit too much for me i like your tricks though ^___^

but great work guys!!

Titamium´s tricks were fast but I didn´t really see the tricks. Jump´s were smooth and you could really see what he was doing. Titanium was doing fast tricks without doing them smoothly. Choosed jump also becuase I like more those smooth good looking tricks.