(sushi) #161

When traveling carry 30 yoyo string, extra bearings,and yoyo line to clean your bearings.And when on a airplane don’t yoyo on the plane. IT CAN WAIT! (I got In trouble for yoyoing on a plane with my code 2)

(Owen) #162

Yoyo using tree branches as your left index finger.

Don’t ask why just do it.

(sushi) #163



don’t eat your yo-yo. It’s bad for you.


5a aerials around trees are a nono :slight_smile:

(Owen) #166


Maybe thats why I almost died when I ate my FHZ


I am left handed…

Screwing around also. you explore new things and expand to new horizons.


don’t wear metal bracelets, 'cause IF the yoyo does anything unexpected and shoots back to your hand it can hit your bracelet and leave a massive ding in any metal rims

(rizkiyoist) #170

What if we use yoyoexpert less and start yoyoing more? :wink:




Very profound… If you need me I’ll be huddled up in a corner and thinking about that. (Lol)


Just assure them that if you wanted it that way they would already be dead by the yoyo


While yoyoing in front of people do not lose your spin they get very uninterested very quickly.


Yes quite similar to when someone watches you playing a game and you die.

My suggestion is to get good at snap/hand starts, that way there’s little to no time for them to lose interest. I like to practice snap starting in the car.


So do I that is how I got good at it, lol


BUY STRING IN A PACK OF 100 it is cheaper that way


keep yo-yoing! :smiley:
be humble when someone asks you to do a trick
don’t be afraid to show your God given talent ;D
think out of the box when you want to create a combo :o
find a yo-yo player you really like and watch his tricks for inspiration
find a friend to yo-yo with :slight_smile: seriously, this one is awesome!
yo-yo while listening to music and try to sync it with it
find and buy a good yo-yo
always have extra string
have some container for your yo-yo(s)
when you have a hard time on a trick and are get frustrated and feel like throwing your yo-yo on the floor, take a break
watch several videos on the same trick to get different tips on how to do it

God bless,

(velez_adrian) #179

Don’t eat ice cream while yoyoing, you’ll spill it, you don’t wan that to happen

(velez_adrian) #180

Always have good string tension, unlike me, or your yoyoing will look alittle less awesome looking, like my yoyoing