HHHMMMMM??? copycat… (apologize if that wasnt you intention)


I wasn’t trying to copy its fixed now ;D


haha lol jkjk. another tip is to listen to dubstep while yoyoing.


if your not a big fan of dubstep like me listen to some fast paced rock or metal some of my favorite rock songs are hysteria by motion city soundtrack and soulless by fake problems


I’ve noticed a lot of tricks require most motion out of the non-throw hand. It’s important to note because it keeps the string in line, thus the yoyo. :wink: The more I’ve played around with mine the more I’ve come to appreciate this.


Throw to Immersion by Pendulum. That album will make all of your tricks extremely epic.


Sounds to me like a rip off of ParagonX9’s songs…but thats just me


No offense but I highly doubt that Pendulum took anything from a Newgrounds artist.

Though I much prefer ‘In Silico’ to ‘Immersion’.

Makes me sad that they broke up. I guess there’s still Knife Party but if Rob stops doing vocals there’s going to be a knife party


When your hands are dirty or sweaty, wash them before you play with your yoyo. It makes the string slide much more easily over your fingers.


Never swim right after eating lolz. And if you have animals you should check in between your bearings for hair every day or so


Don’t know if it’s been said but…
It helps me if I keep the string a bit tight. On tricks like skin the gerbil and cold fusion certain parts tend to severely slow the spin of the yo-yo because of multiple strings on the bearing. By keeping the string tight or slightly pulling certain times during the trick removes that string bundling up in the middle and hindering further play.

(rizkiyoist) #152

That’s what you get from responsive play… Most people don’t seem to believe me that you should start yoyoing responsive. You might be able to start out unresponsive right away, but there are things you’re possibly missing in responsive play. People may wonder why their tricks are not smooth, while they know that they didn’t start with responsive.


don’t know if any of that was directed towards me but I actually only need to use this with my unresponsive yo-yos my metal drifter did these tricks with ease

(rizkiyoist) #154

I was actually posting additional tip based on yours. With responsive yoyos you’ll be forced to learn how to keep the string tight and straight, get the tension loose a bit and it will smack your hands. It’s useful when you switched into unresponsive because the movement will be more controllable and less sluggish, also preventing the string to bundling up near the bearing on certain moves.


very good tip


Stand up and throw your yoyo. This is the best tip you can see.


make sure you have a
short yo yo string if yoyoing while sitting on you chair
always have your yoyos in your case so your dog wont chew on one of your plastics.
old people always love seeing yo yo tricks so you almost always will get an applause.


That doesn’t add up…

My Grandmother is soo bored of my yoyo tricks. :-\


Oh well it is like that for me and besides she must have bin impressed at some point.


Be very careful when cleaning your bearing the ‘c’ caps get lost very easily.
Don’t open your yoyo without caution (mainly outside or if you have any sort of spacers) and don’t let anyone else open your yoyo unless they know how or you’ve told them what happens if you open it. A friend of mine opened my bumblebee And lost a spacer rendering it useless until I ordered some more.