I meant to say that practicing it to much is not good. Not sure what happened there.


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even if you carry extra string ALWAYS keep at least 2 string bundled up and tied with a rubber band in you wallet. i left my extra string in a bag once and left the bag at home when i visited the phillipenes. one of the worst 2 weeks of torture ever!
(just kidding it was a great vacation)


also the yoyo tape that protects your finger is a colored version of a medical tape called “coban” you can buy it at walgreens rite aid or cvs, of what im aware of


not sure if this has been said but if your starting out dont be intimedated to buy 100$yoyos you can get some for under ten! :slight_smile:


Create an entirely new trick before you try to design a new yo-yo.



With the strings I make and the toxic bgs I use, the slipknot always wants to loosen while im throwin. My yyf skyline hit the concrete because of this and now its banged all up. Any suggestions for keeping the slipknot tight around your finger? I saw the first post saying to use a lighter but I think that means for the knot itself. Let me know.


To keep your yoyo from getting vibe, only unscrew your yoyo to change or clean a bearing and to change out the response on it. Opening and closing the yoyo too often will eventually, even if very slightly, create some play on the threads in the yoyo itself. You can buy a new axle, but once the threads inside the actual yoyo strip ever so slightly, you’ll either have to have it modded or buy a new yoyo to have a vibe free experience. This is especially important when playing with yoyos that are rare and/or no longer in production.

Be very careful when screwing your yoyo together and don’t over tighten it!

I learned the hard way, I thought since it was so easy to unscrew a yoyo that anytime I got a knot I would unscrew (Along with over tightening) it to get the knot out. A few months later my brand new throw started to have vibe.

That being said, thanks to my friend Larry, he showed me a great, safe and cheap way to get knots out of your yoyo. Go to your local grocery store and into the toothpaste section and pick up the cheapest bag of tooth flossers

The gum simulator side is great for getting knots out.
Not only are these inexpensive, but they are usually made of plastic which relieves any fears one might have of scratching their new $200 yoyo. If you lose one of these you have a whole bag of them! After buying these I’ve never had to unscrew my yoyo to take out a knot. Just thought Id share this small tidbit that’s helped me maintain and preserve my yoyos.


Sorry that happened well


You can look at a video or some thing but if you can’t here
fold the loop over the string then pull the string through insert your finger in the big loop you created it should work like a snare tightening around your finger as you play


thats the way I do it. Its just those toxics are so thick and slick, some tricks will cause it to loosen a bit.


soory thats all i know and when doing those tricks do a couple of throws and bind it should titen it right up


cool thanks.

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It’s recommended to have the slipknot facing your ring finger to prevent slides especially on looping. Try both direction to see what I’m talking about.


yoyoing is exspensive at times . buy a chep yoyo if your not sure if you like it or if your not sure if this is your main hobby.


Same thing happens to me, you’re not the only one! So far I have no solution, however thinner strings won’t loosen as much and come off of your finger.


I find this happens with slicker string not really sure how to fix it but seems to hold better when the slip knot string is broken in.

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worth mentioning since the original place I mentioned it got removed.

A lighter is a good way to cut a yoyo string. Just be careful when doing this!
Poly string in particular melts and seals the frayed end of the string that is cut off, so if you find you don’t have access to a scissors or string cutter, use your lighter and hold it under the string you wish to be cut. It will melt away while sealing the end.

Simple, easy, and a fun way to do it. Just remember kids, safety first!



'Tis true, I cut string this way while I was camping last week.


always and i mean always carry your yyf multi tool if you have one and if you don’t get one they are extremely useful