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2A tips:
Hop the fence IS NOT up and down motion, it’s a careful wrist flick, the power comes from there.
The best way to master loops is to do it blindfolded.
You should be able to let the yoyo sleep easily, yet it doesn’t sleep on it’s own when looping.
Don’t use your arm power on loops, flick your wrist.
At first, when using your wrist power, the yoyo is probably feels less controllable, just practice a lot you will get it eventually.
The words of wisdom:
train yourself!
never give up!
wrist flick!
be patient! don’t rush it!


Make sure there are no knots in your string because otherwise when you throw the yoyo it might come back and hit you in the face. Also make sure your yoyo has a good bearing


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No matter how hard you try, your skill level will never be asian. Unless you already are.


All the technical tips aside, the most important tip in yoyoing by far is to find what unique style suites you. If your not expressing your own style through the yoyoing then its just like tracing someone elses drawing. It doesn’t give you the same feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. So watch as many styles as you can find. When you start to like certain peoples yoyoing try to find trends in how they yoyo. More than likely that will lead you to finding what style of yoyoing suites you most. For me i have found that most of the peoples styles that i really like focus most of there yoyoing right in front of them. They don’t only go behind there backs or at least don’t always go behind there backs and as a result i stopped yoyoing behind my back and found much more pleasure in focusing my tricks right in front of me. But at the same time you want to build a very strong foundation of tricks through all styles of yoyoing before zeroing in on that one style that makes you the happiest because even though they may not be the most fun tricks that you can do they will still strengthen your knowledge of yoyoing and make you a more well rounded yoyoer.


never stop in the middle of a trick you are learning might end up in a nasty knot. when you see a knot immeidietly untie it before it becomes to tight. never drop a triangle you will get a wrap around your bearing making it more responsive.


never drop a green triangle UNLESS you want it to become responsive, either for yourself, a friend, or whatever the case is…

Learn some Knots, such as those a sailor might use, You would be surprised the uses you may have for them


Hey, guys! I dont think that this is the best place to ask my question but I will. Im facing a big trouble… Choosing a new yo-yo. So far i have only 1 Lyn Fury and I think to buy a Dark Magic II. I`m about at the level of advanced part 1 of the tricks that are here. So I wonder if you will help me ? :slight_smile: Thanks


When starting with a 1.5 mount, cross your arms left over right and land it on your right hand pointer (like a split bottom almost) and uncross. Looks much more impressive and smoother.


If one of your throws (I don’t mean yoyo, i’m talking about your physical throw) is bad with a lot of vibe, do a quick finger grind or let it brush one of your fingers to smooth it out.


Carry two yoyos most of the time in case one brakes


How can a yo-yo brake? :wink:


Don’t throw your yoyo at the cat.
Don’t attempt shoot the moon with an unresponsive yoyo.

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I guess it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat then…


Nope, more like a Genesis.

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Haha, funny.


If you’re trying to learn black hops, start with learning the trick from a double or nothing to a double or nothing. Then once you have learned the motions, try doing the full trick from a triple or nothing to a triple or nothing.


Not sure if this has been said but, practicing a trick you are trying to learn is not good, for me at least. You will get frustrated and get more messed up. Try to throw something else in there.


You mean keep practicing till you die?

I think you mean taking break from practicing to do tricks you know very well. Right?