Play tech tricks when you are indoors or in a smaller space. Unless you’re Zammy Ickler, never attempt moebius over a surface that could ding your yoyo. Always carry extra response (I like onedropyoyos flow groove) if you use a yoyo that has flowable silicone in it. Never use denim as a response.


when practicing gt suicides for the first time, cheat and use red triangles


Stop thinking “I’ll never be able to do that.” And then get disappointed.
I do this way too often…And I really need to stop.


Thank you for sharing all your tips. I really find this to be a useful information. Just to share also, when playing with your yo-yo, be sure you have a high ceiling so the yo-yo won’t hit it. Also make sure that nothing is in the path of your yo-yo.


Keep your eye on the yoyo. After a while it will increase your accuracy for hitting the string.

As a bonus, you will actually increase your hand/eye coordination will increase dramatically.


Also, if you try a trick a couple times and think “It’s just not gonna work with this yoyo”, chances are you just need to keep practicing it. It’s gonna be tedious, and you might feel like it’s pointless, but you’ll get it.


never have a bowl of soup close to you when you are throwing.the problem is i did have a bowl of soup near me when i was throwing it landed in the soup which fell on my brothers favorite shirt then he attacked me for a vicious 10 minutes


Gyroscopic flop: When I learned this, I would just pull the strings tight, and the yoyo would never do more than 1 revolution. I realized if you manipulate the strings during the trick, you can keep the yoyo ‘flopping’ multiple times ('guide the yoyo around in circles without letting the strings tough the sides"). If you were having this problem, you will know what I mean when you try it.

If you can’t land a trick, move onto to a different one, but keep coming back to it. You’ll be surprised how just playing with the yoyo over time, will help improve earlier tricks.

PRACTICE! You WILL get better everyday!


My tips, may be many duplicates:
-Always bring a spare (or multiple spare yoyos)
-In terms of the general public, simple is better!
-Don’t leave a tangled yoyo in your pocket (you’ll find out why if you do…I had a tangle that I forgot, went to throw and nearly got smacked in the face)

-Always be a good sport - as in don’t think you’re better than everyone else, and don’t think that people are going to put you in your place, skill-wise. When doing BAC last year, my brother was warning me that I was about to get schooled by a bunch of elementary school kids. My response was "Yea, so…it’s all in fun and a good yoyoer wouldn’t judge another yoyoer by his skill). Later that day though, I felt a sense of jealousy when someone was video taping me doing tricks and a younger contestant standing by was throwing some hard looks my way and giving the look that he should be the one being filmed, not me.

-Learn how to untie a knot in your string…I’ve almost mastered it, and felt more successful than tossing out the string and putting a new one on.
-Speaking of knots, be prepared for knots when doing (and missing) a Brent Stole. Be sure to know how to properly dismount to avoid a knot.
-When one trick frustrates you, take a breather and move on. You can come back to it later when you feel ready.
-Bring a responsive ‘beater’ yoyo with you (or an ‘on-string’ off string) when you are going to be out somewhere such as the park. Bring a variety of string lengths.
-Be prepared to walk the dog after pulling off your best, most complex combo.
-As much as we tend to be loyal to a particular brand, one should try out everything to the best of their abilities and finances. Don’t hold back/hesitate on buying a $20 yo when you have these ‘high end yos,’ treat yourself to a decent higher end yo when you feel comfortable in spending the cash.
-Lastly (for now), just throw, have fun, keep throwing!


As far as the OP goes, I’ve never had a string undone for me. And I’ve been using Kitty String [10x1 100% polyester] for all this time I’ve been yoyoing. I always tie my knot the way I learned/read from Spinworkx [no worries, it maybe another site for a store, but the blog post a maintenance post so hope it’s okay]

It gives me a tighter knot and I don’t have to worry about getting it undone in the middle of a trick.
Also, you can just do the knot first and then cut the excess. It works just as fine, as well.


I don’t know if anyone has said this tip yet, but if you are having trouble with string tricks, first, you want to work on your sleeper and get a good, strong throw. Next, if the yoyo dies out to fast, you should consider putting in a speed bearing. Buy one if you don’t have one. After you put in the speed bearing, you should learn bind since that is the only way to get a yoyo that has a speed bearing into your hand. I ope this helped someone who was having trouble with their yoyo dieting out too fast! Remember, work on your throw and keep on yoyoing!


When yoyoing in public and a lot of people are watching, be courteous. If someone is uneasy (i.e. afraid you’ll hit them) assure them you’ve done this many times and know the length of the string very well. Or avoid all that and simply move a little farther away from that person (even during a trick). People keep watching, you keep throwing, that person isn’t in danger of being hurt and everyone is happy. :slight_smile:


Don’t know whether it’s been said already but it’s worth repeating even if it was.

When doing 2A or looping in general, make sure to keep checking your string tension. Too tight or too loose of a string tension will cause more difficulty in controlling your loops. Furthermore, too loose of a string tension may cause the yo-yo to detach itself from the string and hit someone/something. Learn to master sidewinders with both hands to easily control your string tension.


When you’re looping make sure to flick your wrist when it is coming back. If your not very good at that, learn how to duck!!!


always carry lube, you don’t want your yoyo to get responsive right at a contest :slight_smile:

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That’s counterproductive.


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Never jump into a ball pit with a yoyo in your pocket. My friend almost lost the DV888 I had sold him a few hours before when he did that.


That actually was me who jumped into the ball pit. ;D