I think the above mentioned tip is more of a preference. There is nothing wrong at all with owning certain companies.
I meant at least try other companys yoyos, or else you’ll never know what your missing out on.


I can agree with that. Good one.


Very Well Said Kristiawan.

My Advice : Just Keep Throwing…



Stop reading this thread and start throwing already!

(WildCat23) #45

For boingy boingy heaver throws go higher up on the string lighter go lower.

If you polish a yoyo and the plastic appears “frosted” rub Vaseline on it (Thanks yoyospirit)


when you see ponies, just roll with it.


I saw a couple of these player to player faqs, but none of them caught on. I will start by saying thin lube makes the yoyo more responsive at first, but will eventually clean the bearing.


Move to tips thread <.<


Those tricks you “can’t do” try them anyways practice them in between your other tricks and you’ll get it after some time just keep trying.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. When you find yourself doing the same tricks try doing something you’ve never tried or try a new way of doing what you’ve been doing.

While undoing a knot take this opportunity to fix your string tension. (Bet everyone does this but who knows.)

Before yoyoing watch a (Yoyo) video it always inspires me to try some thing new and cool. C=


Stop binding as much :slight_smile: I catch myself binding 5,10,15 times in a row before I throw and start doing tricks, terrible habit of mine. Also let the yoyo spin its full length. Let’s say you are learning a trick, if ya mess up or land it keep going! guess what i’m trying to say is get the most out of your throw!

Another tip. Shop YYE always and forever :slight_smile:

Another another tip. Buy an Oscillatrix.

Let “Another”=x and “tip”=n

3xn. buy lots of string and change often even if you think you don’t need to. A fresh string always feels amazing and like your throwing your yoyo for the first time :slight_smile:

4xn. Use lube :slight_smile: helps keep your yoyo quiet and your bearing spinning strong! I lube all of mine and seem to be progressing quite well, but i’m sure someone has a more informative rebuttal to this.

5xn. Don’t use as many smiley faces as I do.

6xn. Don’t make annoying posts like i do.


Post in the pony thread like i do


if you want to scrap of silicone out of the yoyo use a toothpick, it will not scratch your yoyo


Change up of my biology teacher’s tip (Look at your neighbor, guaranteed you’re smarter than them.)

Look at the post above and below you, guaranteed chances are, you’re better than them. So don’t get discouraged.


Sorry for Double Post!

Cherish these kinds of moments:


If you want you’re thread to stay alive, don’t get it stickied




when you’ve lost interest in yoyoing buy a new yoyo…you will be playing with it like crazy!


Don’t eat the fluff that you get on old aluminium yoyos… It WILL kill you.


You can do more with a cheese whip than just a wrist mount


When yo yoing in public switch the string before.
I learned that the hard way

and always carry two cheap plastics around 1 to lend out the other for walk the dog people will request it no matter where you are