Tips for a yoyo site?

I deleted my old one because there were a lot of problems. Sorry rsmod123. Some people said it was almost exacly like YYE, what should I do to make it not so much like YYE?

Well, you can only make it worse since YYE is the best!!! ;D But, you can make your own neat stuff, like Andre with the experts, and thank yous.

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Well, I never wated to make a site better than YYE.
Are there any tips for a discusion section.

Well if you were to make a new site you should call it yoyovillage and your motto could be “yo like a pro” :wink:

I’m calling it “yoyoselement”.

Why not just stick to YYE Forums instead of creating yet another Forum? Everyone’s here at YYE. You could pm Andre Boulay with some new ideas for this site. He might take them under consideration. But, if you still want to make a site, remember to do stuff we don’t have here at YYE.
Be unique.


You made a yoyo site, ohh, what now? Lol, JK.