Tin Bearings?

I remember reading somewhere that the YYR Diffusion has tin balls in the stock bearing. If this is true, will cleaning fluid corrode the metal?

The majority of the bearings produced in the world use steel for the balls. Unless you are using some sort of corrosive chemical to clean a bearing they will not be affected by cleaning with most commonly used solvents, such as lighter fluid, mineral spirits, acetone or alcohol.

…could they have possibly meant TEN (the number) ball bearings… not Tin (the metal)?

bearings with 10 balls in them are common (most famously one drop bearings)… nobody uses Tin (the metal) that I’ve ever seen.


That makes a lot more sense. I’ll try to find that source again to make sure.

I’m pretty sure they are steel, haven’t heard of any tin bearings. I use a DS bearing almost daily and I have cleaned it without any negative side effects so either way I would say don’t worry about it.

I’m sure it’s fine. Thanks for the confirmation though. Do you mind counting if there are 10 balls? I’m just curious now.

Yes, the DS Bearings are 10 ball.

Wherever I read tin, they must have meant ten.

Could have been a translation thing, YYR is based in Japan.

Positive it was a translation mistake. Tin is too soft of a metal and not suitable for high rpm use.