Time to sell some Boss stuff.

I have 2 Boss Cases (My own brand naming.)
First off I have this Samsonite beauty. It holds 4 Offstring throws, and 18 regular size throws. It has a nice large pocket in the top lid where you can store strings, tools, lube, counterweights, etc. I personally loved using it, but now I just made one more fitting for me.

^^^ Inserts are interchangeable between cases, and I have this and one other insert that is orange with red and yellow splash. I will get specifics soon, but I will soon have 2 Briefcases for sale.

Then I am also looking to sell my BOSS bag. This is one of my favorites. It has a large pocket in the front as well as small pockets to allow you to stay organized. This case can hold 20 throws and 3 counterweights.

If you zip up the two sides you have a really large pocket, along with all the small pockets.

The boss bag was sold, but don’t feel too blue I was out and about, and I found a blue bag with a lot of potential. Once my backyard gets just a little dryer I’ll be putting some Buddy Jim flare into another case. Plus I’m getting a little better at the cuts.

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I should add the prices are completely negotiable, and I should add I am willing to sell for cheap!
Edit 2/7/12 Seems like I just have the string as an afterthought to the cases, but I’ll just say I try to put about as much string as I would sell at stock prices in each case. (Only if I have that much on hand.)

I made a few strings last night with Wooly Nylon, and now I remember why I don’t do that a lot. It’s very picky, but I got 4 out of 5 strings made with it, and I put a nice double core in to make it 5. These will probably just go with one of the cases for now.

put another 5 on that pile now I will put 10 strings in the first case I sell. HOME MADE of course.

Count is now 15! I’ll update it tomorrow when it will probably be like 20.

Been a little while since my last bump. Stock is now up to 75. So I’m going to fix the amount at 40 strings go with the Samsonite and 35 Go with the Boss Bag.

Bump still at 75 strings in stock.

BUMP still at 75

Bump. Possible pending, but not sure yet.

Bump. Bag possibly pending.

Bump. Everything back up for now though the bag is stuck in BST pergatory.

Bump. Still need some time to get my other stuff ready. Samsonite case still ready to go.

Weekend bump. I feel so strange now.