Time maverick yoyo

I’m thinking about getting the maverick and I want to know how good it is

It’s a budget metal yoyo. You can get something far superior to that in the same price range that will blow the maverick out of the water. Don’t get me wrong it’s a decent yoyo but it does ding very easy and the bearings aren’t that great. It’ll do grinds but not for very long.

If I were you is save the extra few bucks and get a Duncan Raptor.

For the same price get the Protostar. Maverick is a nice yoyo but Protostar is great.

To me the protostar is the cheapest “premium” yoyo you can get. The best throws that are cheaper than the protostar are nice but I think the protostar divides the low-mid quality throws and the high quality.

Magicyoyo N12 is another better choice in that price range