Time management

(Ken) #1

Hi there Colin!
I know you’ve been pretty busy with schoolwork before. I’ve recently been hit with tons of homework in addition to my already time consuming sport schedules. I feel like I have significantly less time to yoyo due to this issue; my yoyo addiction has really taken its toll on me as a result. I know for sure the workload you get in postsecondary education is much higher than what I have now. It’s amazing you can manage your time with school and still do unbelievably well in yoyoing. Do you have any tips/tricks for people who are trying to do really well in yoying but can’t find the time to practice?
Thanks for your time Colin :grinning:


I think that focused yo-yoing is super important. I think when a lot of people yo-yo it’s pretty casual (which of course is fine) but if you want to improve, you should have some purpose in the improvements you’d like to make. I think setting goals for yourself is super good, especially on a tight schedule. 30 minutes of focused play on maybe learning a trick or practicing a freestyle will be much more beneficial than playing around.