TimCor Starfire

Does anyone know much about this? How it plays…etc…
Theres a few left in the yye store so I’m guessing they weren’t too known/popular
But they’ve been out for a while.

they’re a large bearing sili recessed and hubstacked Cold Fusion GT so most people didn’t touch them due to their shape

I think the Walter is a better choice when looking for something in that shape/style but it’s of course more expensive

It looks like TimCor is re-releasing this on September 14th, 2018… that is 3 days from now. Info at instagram.com/timcorproductions/

Good luck finding a Walter though :wink:

Edit: I went ahead and ordered one of these. Will update after it arrives.

I don’t want to scare anyone with my salty sailor like language, or anything, but I have had the TimCor Starfire for a few days now and it is a H E double hockey sticks of a lot of fun!

It’s just so weird to have a brand new hubstack yoyo in my hands reflecting modern machining standards… with crazy smooth spinning hubstacks! Of course I lubed those hubstacks, because that’s how I roll … but even directly out of the box they sure feel notably smoother than the older vintage hubstack yoyos I have on hand. And after lube treatment they are … makes chef kissing lips gesture incredible :ok_hand:

Weight (63.7) and size (33.5 width, 56.4 diameter) are spot on, I have mine set up responsive – it comes with both kinds of bearings, defaults to wide/unresponsive – and overall the Starfire re-release feels like the YYF Confusion to me. That’s good news because I freakin’ love the Confusion. The Starfire was similarly a “modern throwback” throw (even when it was originally released, I guess in 2011) that simultaneously embraces modern yoyo design elements while incorporating all the stuff that made those classic yo-yos fun in the first place.


I got the splash one and it’s better looking than I expected because it is shiny (not bead blasted) and that shows off the shiny rose gold versus the black. I think overall I do prefer a blasted finish but the shiny finish is really spectacular on this particular colorway. I am not sure if the solids are also shiny finishes, but it looks to me from this picture that the solids are indeed blasted which is awesome, so you get a choice not only of colors but indirectly a choice of finish as well.

I give it five out of five yos, would recommend, and YYE should carry this one like they carried the original Starfire back in the day :wink:

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Also for fun, comparison of the Starfire vs the ProYo Cold Fusion and a Duncan dragonfly (which is apparently a rebranded ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee GT)




I’m lovin’ it. As the video says, very, very, verrrry smooth. Hubstacks and classic coldfusion play style, but updated with a modern, extreme level of machining precision.