Timcor Starfire

Has anyone tried the Timcor starfire? they have been around for a while and look pretty unique? How are they? do they compare to other metals, or are they just really gimmicky or something? Thanks guys!

I haven’t tried one, but from a competition perspective, I’d think the gap is just too small. It’s disappointingly light, and the hubstacks are pointless for 3A, which is what YYE suggests at least.

Looks gimmicky to me. But hey, to each their own. ::slight_smile:

I guess it’s a novelty thing, but I have always wanted to own a super narrow unresponsive throw.

Get a Trvth instead.

Yea you know if you have an extra $140 to drop on a near impossible to find yoyo.

I’ve seen a few floating around since they made more, but I didn’t know they were that pricey.

Yea, I wish they were cheaper and a less rare, I would have loved to snag one.

Flying V by spyy is rather thin and can be unresponsive

Also very difficult to find and over 100$ the Starfire is $70 and looks just fine to me.

you could always buy spencer berrys yoyo The walter