@tigerbeatt Feedback Thread

Purchased a Turning Point Palpitation ES from @tigerbeatt (Jongyoon Kim) and it was a fantastic experience! Starting this Feedback thread for him as well since I didn’t see one.

He shipped out right away and shipping from Korea (to California) was SUPER quick - just about 6 days. It was packed so extraordinarily well that you could drop it off the Empire State Building and it would’ve been in perfect shape. As mint and as smooth as described - an ideal international transaction experience!

10/10, looking forward to dealing with him again!


Purchased a yoyo from @tigerbeatt. Their description of damages and vibe on the yoyo were perfectly described when I sent them an inquiry about it and they also happily answered any other questions I had. Package came very quick to the U.S. despite coming internationally and the package was one of the most secure packaging I have ever seen.

Even though international shipping is very expensive, I would not hesitate to do a transaction with them again if I have the funds. Very good experience!


He’s a good lad. I’ve had 2 transactions with him in the Korean community, 1 trade and 1 sold to him where both went perfectly.

He’s quick, provides pics with full honesty and overall a zero hassle person to deal with.

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Got me some kisses from Korea :grimacing:

@tigerbeatt is the MVP. Carries amazing throws and delivery is fast. Even for shipping across the planet. Also he kept a yo-yo on hold a lot longer than I would expect anyone to.

10/10 would do business with @tigerbeatt anytime.

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I purchased two yoyos from @tigerbeatt and everything arrived in a surprisingly quick time just as described. The yoyos were packaged with great care. Highly recommend this seller.


My man @tigerbeatt blew my expectations out of the water! From around the world to my door in the US in only 6 days. He was also beyond kind and tossed in some amazing free metal throws (3 extra to be exact!) And had perfect communication. An absolute perfect trade and I am very thankful! :smile:

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Do not hesitate dealing with @tigerbeatt he is truly a pillar of the community! 10/10

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Great communication, got a fresh string and bag with the throw. Solid experience overall.

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Great yoyos, deals and reasonable person to speak with. Don’t let the international shipping scare you off. My purchase arrived quickly and well packaged. Would buy from again.

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Fast communication and shipping. Thanks to @tigerbeatt i can finally enjoy my grail!

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Had a mind-blowing trade experience with my buddy.

Enjoyed communicating the deal while having a casual chat with him.

Lightspeed shipping from Korea to Canada in just 5~6 days.

Everything was well packed and exactly as discribed.

Only thing that I didn’t like was that he threw in WAAAAAAY TOO MANY awesome goodies for me, which made me feel really guilty and slightly homosexual (jk).

Deal with him.

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Good communication and fast shipping :+1:

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Very fast! I bought 6 yoyos from tigerbeatt, and he also give me another yoyo as a gift! Don’t hesitate! Just buy from tigerbeatt! He is really a nice person!


Good communication and fast shipping! Just got the yoyos and they were packed so nicely.

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