I don’t like being placed in a Tiered system.

I break your tiers. and make you tear.

Also: I remember once saying this in terms of status in the yoyo world, such as popularity too.


tier system is just silly when speaking about it in yoyo.

I agree completely, I don’t judge other yoyoers by their popularity or skill level. What I meant in my post is that’s what I think some OTHER people see.

According to you, Studio, I am a “Tier 3” player. I won 1st Place Overall Sports Ladder at Worlds, plus 1st in String Trick (tie) and Looping Trick (in my age division, of course). Not trying to brag here, just explaining why I am a “Tier 3” player according to Studio. And I do really want to make a name for myself too…and I will hopefully be “breaking into” competitive freestyles soon.

I would like to know, Studio, what kind of tricks you do. Like, what is your most advanced trick? What about your favorite trick? You seems to put yourself down a lot…I don’t think you are actually as bad of a yoyoer as you say you are.

Some people yoyo for fun and some people are in it for the competition, which is completely acceptable on both sides.

If you don’t think it’s cool to be judged by popularity or skill level, then don’t go on stage and ask for it.

A lot of people compete for fun though …


…and they can also be classified by a tier system. Whether or not you care is up to you of course.

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Real life = Yugioh TCG and others

Thank you