"Are you in the top 50% of yoyoers on this forum?" part 2

Hey all! I was enjoying the other poll and wanted to modify the question. Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

Once again. Who cares? Nothing positive comes out of this. Yoyoing is about having fun, not trying to be the best there is.

I win


Yeah I voted “no” and didn’t post since I was exactly as good as the only person who answered the poll. I can assure you that with your 2nd vote you are definitely better than me lol

I find it fun and interesting. There’s the good that comes out of this!

I agree if you want to post this it is your choice. And if people want to participate then that is good, but if they don’t they don’t have to. It is all a matter of mere opinion.

Added a new option!

How did you change it? And please don’t change it :slight_smile:

He is a moderator so he can do whatever he wants to the thread lol

Yes because last time i checked it was tied 33 to 33 with 6 who cares.

That’s part 1. The original. This is part 2, the much-heralded but critically panned sequel.