Are you in the top 50% of yoyoers on this forum?

I thought this would be an interesting poll. My guess is that the outcome will be over 50%. Please note that you’re answer does not at all effect the truth. In reality, 50% will be in the top half, and 50% will be in the bottom half. I myself think that I am in the top half. ;D

Eh, I’m probably near the top. I’ve been at this for a while. But let’s be real here… Does it really matter?


nope ;D

Wait i dont get it- how do you know?

Well, considering most of the members here are inactive noobs that quit a month after they joined…



You dont… it’s based off your own opinion…

and Legyoyo, that is total BS! :smiley:

I originally answerd no, but afterwards I realized many members join everyday, most of them probably new and dont really get active on the forum so I probably am. But if we are talking just the active members then I think I’m in the bottom 50%, not too far away though…

well, if your talking active users, i´m definitely in the bottom half^^


It doesn’t matter, but I’m curious ;D.

It doesn’t, but it’s fun to test.

Basically anyone that has been active on the forums (BST NOT included) is better than the 50%.

Top 15% would be a field far better to make a poll for, as 15% of this forum has to include at least 200 people.

I’m talking about yoyo skill, not forum skill.

Philip meant to post that, i was just logged in so he accidentally posted that on MY channel >:(.

Who cares.

Some people do.

This reminds me of something I read where studies have been done that when polled 80% (or something absurdly high) of people believe themselves to be above average intelligence. Of course ipso facto, that’s not possible.

My guess is this is something of an experiment to see who views themselves as ‘exceptional’ along the same vein.

Most interesting

Edit: of course, there’s probably a lot to be said about clearly defining the criteria of who constitutes as a “person on the forums” and there’s also no control-sample (or way to obtain one) to measure/counter that only people of a certain disposition are more inclined to read this thread or if they do read it, to respond a certain way…

As previously stated, half of the people on the forums quit like a week after they started and made a yye account. That being said, if you post on the forum actively that points to the fact that you have been yoyoing actively and that makes you better than anyone who has a forum account but doesnt yoyo anymore.

And like Adam said, there is most certainly a better way of going about finding this out.

I bet I am? I guess?? Lol

Ok, I see what you’re saying. I will argue that since this whole poll is based on people’s judgement, they can judge themselves that they are better than those “who has a forum account but doesnt yoyo anymore”.

The poll isn’t supposed to be super accurate. I can’t think of any better ways to do this poll without spending a lot more effort than I want too.