yoyo superstars?


Hi all, I don’t usually start threads, but I’ve been looking around lately, and it seems like we have more and more of the “superstar attitude” in yoyoing. I don’t like that.

maybe because it’s a young community and all of a sudden, yoyoing becomes very serious and important for some people because they’re good and recognized at it, which makes them think it’s ok to have that attitude towards the more “regular” people.

it’s kinda subtle and by no means would I spill some names here. this is not personal against anyone, rather an observation I’ve made several times now.

I really understand that people want to take it seriously, as a matter of fact, I do take it very seriously as I made it my job and my family relies on this to pay the bills and put food on the table, it doesn’t get much more serious than that.

but in the end, it’s still just a toy, a toy that should bring people together, make the little ones rise with the help of the community leaders. Not separate the “superstars” from the everyday kid. At least this is not how I believe the community should be.

it really bugs me to see that attitude more and more amongst reputed players or economic actors. I was wondering if I was the only one to see this…


I’ve seen it too.
Thanks for pointing this out, I think it needed to be said.


I agree with this. I mean heck, you can call up Billy Bobs Bait and Tackle Emporium and talk to JD. You can contact practically any big name in yoyoing, but that is what I feel makes it so great, there are no big names in yoying cause we all make it so special, therefore we are all important to the community, not just the “big named people” :slight_smile:

Please refrain from posting names of other stores. skitrz

*Edit Woops sorry about that, honest mistake.


Don’t think we really get much of that in Australia. Granted, we don’t really have any “superstar” players but it might be a uniquely Australian thing to try to act like an average bloke no matter what you do or how good you are at it lest you be called a massive tool.



well it really is more of a “global” thing I’ve noticed. The “oldschool” superstars are always accessible, but it’s more about the new breed

any chance you’re in melbourne (sorry for being off topic here)?

(Owen) #6

Would you consider this “Superstar Attitude”?


what I consider “superstar attitude” is when people think they’re too good to even bother replying to you when you ask them a question. When people try to make you believe that to them it matters more than it does for you because they’re “pros” and you’re not, or because they’re a better player than you or whatever champion or title they have.

what I consider “superstar attitude” is when those people are not accessible by their own choice and only hang out with who their consider “equals”.

this really bugs me and I see it more and more.


I think that in this community the “superstar attitude” isn’t that common. I think most of the professionals know that they’re famous, but understand that they’re no better than a normal everyday person, so they should act like one. There are probably a few vain few who think they’re above everyone else, but I’m glad that they’re few and far between.


maybe you’re right, I really hope it stays rare, it would ruin the community

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Yeah I know what you’re talking about now.

I hate that attitude :frowning:


I’m not entirely exposed to the yoyo world seeing that there is about no movement in my area. I have however been able to get in touch with people in the community that are very good, and always seem willing to pass information and ideas on.

Hopefully I don’t see anything like this.


Honestly, there’s not enough money and mainstream acceptance for this kind of behavior. And even there was, there still isn’t justification for this kind of behavior.

My phone number is on all my posts unless I choose to remove it from my signature. MANY players have chosen to exercise the option of using it. I’ve only had one issue and it was guy who was determined to score one of my CLYW’s and refusing to take “no” for an answer. One guy texted me several times(no issues, no worries).

I’m bad at yoyo. Wanna talk? I’m here!


Born in Melbourne but I’ve lived in Sydney since I was about 2.

Back on topic, I don’t think anybody should consider themselves any sort of superstar in this hobby because quite frankly, you’re better than someone else at playing with a particular toy. Instead of ignoring the beginner questions because they’re ‘beneath you’ why not actually answer the questions and get them up to your level so you have one more person you can talk to as an equal?



well, I always say “you can’t hide behind a yoyo”

to me, no matter how important it is to you (and I respect that), no matter how serious it is to you (I respect that too), it still always is a toy.

yoyoing makes a difference in the world, I’m sure of it, but it is through its community, if we lose that spirit, we lose it all.