Throwlicious Live #6: final episode of season 2 is online

UPDATE 07/27/2015:

the sixth episode is online:

Apart from the news section,I take a look at two Ti yoyos and announce the winner of the MarkMont Classic from OneDrop. Also instead of checking out yet another of BillyBob’s infamous online I highlight everybody’s favorite store:YYE!

The final episode! Season 2 is over! Thanks, everybody, for the support, especially OneDrop for the awesome giveaway that they made possible. The last 6 episodes were great and I loved all the positive as well as the constructive feedback. As you can see in the video, this episode also marks the end of an era for me.


Andreas! So glad you’re coming back. Can’t wait for the debut of season 2!

Sweet, Andreas. I’ve been waiting for this. I enjoyed your first season. Will this season include a huge unboxing of those yoyos you showed us?

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no, I’m afraid not. Season 2 will not focus on unboxings as Season 1 did. I have another channel where I publish unboxings with a bit more indepth look as would be possible in a live show.

However, maybe I’ll make a special live event with a massive unboxing session, now that you mentioned it. Let’s see.

That sounds awesome. I’d watch for sure.

Oh, I remembered the question I wanted to ask. Will you be suiting up this season? I liked the long haired James Bond look.

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Yeah, grease your hair down, shave, wear a suite, and where did Andreas go?

Woohoo, episode 1 of Season 2 has just gone online:

And I’m very excited to announce that I have a giveaway contest going: subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below the video to win one OD Benchmark 2014. Watch the video for further details.

Thanks to Onedrop for making this possible!

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He did it pauses and looks at everyone :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yes, except the grease part. But the video was shot a few hours before your post so it’s not a direct reaction to it. However, it was suggested in the feedback thread on Season 1 that I should keep the suite. And I had to agree, it makes the whole thing look cool in a way. So I decided to keep the look for the entirety of Season 2.

Now if I only get the set lighting done correctly…


Coming from a guy who uses pomade (grease), you probably wouldn’t want to with that much hair.

Though I will say, the pompadour is coming back into style here in the states. But, if I had hair that long, I wouldn’t be racing to cut it either.

just a few more days until I draw one lucky winner that gets a Benchmark 2014. All you need to do is subscribe to the Spin Central Channel and comment on the video above.

Subscribed and commented… finally.

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Subscribed and commented I should win

Maybe you should, but everyone knows that it will be me.

I’m excited to see what the content of the next episode will be.

Also hoping that you’re announcing SkinnyB as the winner. He seems like a real stand up guy.

When do we know who won?

be patient!

When the 2nd episode comes out like he said