Throwlicious Live Season 1 Feedback


Season 1 of Throwlicious Live is over, the last episode ran end of November 2014. If you didn’t have the time to follow all videos, you can watch the following summary video which I created over the holiday days:

Judging by the number of views on the videos it seems there are still players out there that have missed some of the videos. If you’re one of them, go vote on the poll above to indicate what you’ve seen so far and head over to Youtube to catch up.

Then come back here and leave some feedback. Because I want to know what you think of the show. What did you like? What didn’t you? Do you have favorite segments? Who was your favorite interview partner? Was the show too long? Or too short? Do you care if it’s live? Or do you prefer recorded episodes on Youtube? Anything else you want to say about the show?

Let the discussion around Season 1 begin…


ive watched parts of a few episodes, but after watching the highlights im definitely going to rewatch everything. i remember wanting to watch the first episode live but the time just doesnt work out for me usually, so i generally watch it on youtube. i think the show could be live or recorded and work well.

keep up the good work, things like this often lead to a lifelong career, even bigger and better ventures.

i look forward to rewatching all the episodes asap.

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Full support from One Drop for Throwlicious Live. Amazing show and we look forward to a new season.


I don’t know if you were posting on here when you were going on air and I missed it? But if not that would have been a good idea. If I had been aware of air times I would have tried to push time to watch them. What I did see of this season recored I really liked, and next season I plan to keep a look out for air times so I have a chance to watch live and stay on top of everything. Other than that keep doin what your doin man :slight_smile:

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one thing gnny keep the suit and tie it makes the show look high grade

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it does, doesn’t it? That was my thought exactly after watching the episode again. At first it was more of a joke to dress up like that but then I thought “That looks classy, I should think about keeping that look”. Glad you agree with me here :slight_smile:

I’m a huge fan of the show. I watched it all (some episodes multiple times) on YouTube, because my work schedule never allowed me to watch live. I thought you length was good, even when it went over an hour. Favorite interview was Ed Haponik, by far. Of course, he’s my favorite player.

Could we see a Drew Tetz interview in season 2? As long as it comes back, I’ll be happy.

EDIT: It would be cool if the episodes were posted more quickly onto YouTube after the live show.

Happy throwing Andreas! Cheers!

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Throwlicious fan, checking in. Loved the first series and looked forward to each new episode. ;D

In my opinion, I think it would make everything a lot easier/smoother for you if it wasn’t live. The idea of it being live is very cool (and very well done with all your gadgets and buttons) however I’m not sure how many people can actually watch it live because of the time difference, so I’m not sure if the pros really outweigh the cons.

If it wasn’t live, you could add the little images to the screen post production (if you felt so inclined) to save any technical hitches involved in pushing the buttons, and you’d be able to cut out little delays here and there (such as the time spent switching camera angles) to streamline the show.

For instance, I vaguely remember on one of your episodes you were speaking about a specific yoyo but mentioned it was elsewhere in the house and you didn’t have time to go find it, whereas if it wasn’t live, you would have been able to fetch it, show it to the audience and cut out the delay later. I think a more streamlined show is more likely to garner interest, as an hour-long show can look a little daunting at first and might put people off a bit.

I agree that the suit is definitely a good look. Makes it feel like a proper news broadcast.

So anyways, these are just my suggestions so take them as you wish. At any rate, you do a fantastic job putting all of these together and I look eagerly forward to season 2. :slight_smile:

Agreed that it doesn’t need to be live. :slight_smile: You don’t need to go nutty with edits, but quick edits here and there will make for a more polished package.

Fantastic show thus far. Looking forward to season 2.

Is it just me or were some of those small mishaps entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that to sound like, “Haha, he messed up.” I mean, we got to see a lot of personality through those moments. I say leave them, but it’s your show, so take that with a grain of salt.

I think the “sip of water” should be included randomly in every episode.

I tend to agree, which is why I wouldn’t want you to over-edit. Keep a live feeling, but then you’d have the freedom to customize. :wink:

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i like the how the only downside is that it runs slightly long for my tastes but, i still like it! hope you keep doing it!

I think that your show is great :slight_smile: maybe more top tens. Top ten clyw’s?

thanks, everyone for the feedback so far, keep it coming.

One of the reasons behind the show being live was that I wanted to minimize editing time. I see that with my earlier unboxing videos, they take forever and a day to finish. With the live show, it’s done when it’s done. Forgot something? Too bad, better plan more carefully next time. Said something stupid? Again too bad, better prepare a better script next time.

The downside of course is that a lot of preparation goes into each show. It needs to be spot on (or at least as close as it can get) when it goes on air. Does it save time in the end? Probably not much.

Another pro argument for a live show: possible interaction with the audience. “String Burn Live” used that to give away yoyos during the show and in turn gather feedback from the viewers. Great concept. But if only 10 people are watching, that’s not really practical. Also, I live in Germany, so I’d have to figure out how to cover shipping costs as most of the yoyos given away would most likely go to overseas.

My final reason for doing it live was: because I can :slight_smile: Or at least I wanted to find out if I could. Now I know I can, hence this is not a reason I’d have again for a possible Season 2.

Bottom line: there are no big reasons right now that mandate a live show. If viewership would pick up and there would be a feasable way to incorporate live feedback and interaction with the audience, then a live show would become more interesting, but as of right now, I’d say it doesn’t HAVE to be live again.

However, then I ask myself, does it need to be a full show at all? For viewing conveniences, I’ve already spit up current shows into their respective segments. If you’re only interested in the interviews, you can watch only and specifically those now. Same with the news or Feature segments. If Season 2 was to go directly to YouTube and also split into segments, why have a cohesive show in the first place?

Alternatively, a show could cover only one segemnt: an interview or a feature . And before each segment a general news section. Instead of a 1h show it would run for only 20min maybe. I’m really just thinking out loud as I type this, but it could be a concept to try for Season 2.

I like the full hour show Andreas, and I’ll tell you why. I wouldn’t necessarily watch the news section, and possibly other sections if they were split, took much clicking around and buffering, though I’ve seen things in the news section I liked and, based on my previous statement, I wouldn’t know about otherwise because I honestly probably wouldn’t have watched that segment. So, if you leave it all together, I’ll have to watch the whole thing and would be keeping up better with the news in the yoyo world.

It was a great show. Hope to see another season soon.