Throwlicious Interviews


in my yoyo show “Throwlicious Live” I already had some cool guests. Many of you know that the full episodes are available on YouTube, but to make things easier, I’ve extracted the interviews from those episodes and published them seperately on YouTube:

So check out the Throwlicious Interview Playlist

Right now, I have four interviews up:

And this weekend, GregP will join the ranks of guests. I’ll post a separate trailer for that shortly, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Besides the Walking Dead, this is the only show I can’t wait for the next episode!

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I really hope you start to get more views and recognized cause what you’re doing is really cool and something that has been lacking in the community recently.

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well, you’re in luck because the next one will air this Saturday … including one of this forum’s favorite: GregP!

thanks! Regardless of the views, this show is scheduled to have 6 episodes. After that (at the beginning of December) Season I of Throwlicious Live is over. But maybe there’s going to be a Seasion II, you never know… :wink: