Throwlicious Live 3

Update: show had to be postponed, I will let you know about the new details asap.


this Sunday, the 3rd episode of Throwlicious Live will air. Check out the short trailer already now:


the event page is live: Throwlicious Live Episode 3.

In this episode:

  • a look at some yoyo holsters
  • interview with Tessa Piccillo
  • some unboxings
    and lots of fun :slight_smile:

The show will start at 10pm German Time or 1pm Los Angeles Time this Sunday.

You sure do point a lot :smiley:

I can’t do the live one but I will surely watch the replays, which is what I’ve done every time.

Point taken :wink:

Anyway, unfortunately, I have to postpone this episode. Tessa and me are working on a new day and time for the interview and will let you know asap when it will happen. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, I was not going to be able to watch it live, so this be of convenience. :smiley:

second attempt will be done today 3pm LA time.

Update us when it’s available on YouTube for us avid watchers who can’t seem to catch it live. I’ve always got something going on when it’s actually airing.

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here you go:

In this episode:

  • Interview with Tessa Piccillo
  • Overview of some holsters and holders
  • Unboxings:
    — 3yo3, Once Upon a Tree, Yoyofactory
    — YoyoCommunity Koy
    — Glücksgarn Holster
  • News and stuff
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I know what I’m doing when I get off of work. :slight_smile:

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