Throwlicious, anyone?

does anyone else have this? You play with a new yoyo for the first time and think: “Wow, this is just throwlicious!”. Or you know a certain trick that fits you so well that you sometimes go “this trick just feels throwlicious to me”.

Does that happen to you as well?


over 100 views an no opinion on the matter? Maybe you’re confused by the term “throwlicious”?

If you are, I invite you to join me tonight for the pilot episode of “Throwlicious Live”. Since this is my first attempt at streaming a show live, the advertised timing might be a little off, so check back there later if it didn’t start on time.

I watched your stream and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since it was your pilot, I saw that some improvements could be made so I decided to take some notes. Here are my comments, suggestions and questions:


  • First off, your English is very good. I am a native English speaker and I had no problem understanding you.
  • You had a very good setup, nice audio and video quality, good camera angles. All together it was very professional. The floating graphics such as the CLYW logo were a nice touch.
  • You were pretty good at engaging the viewers, even at some of the slow parts. There is always room for improvement though.


  • The biggest problem was that things were a bit slow at times.
  • I suggest that you have a little bit of quiet background music playing. Nothing too loud or intrusive. This might not be the best suggestion but it’s just my personal opinion.
  • One thing I noticed was that you never introduced yourself.


  • Can I get a link to your YouTube channel?
  • Do you have a set schedule up anywhere?
  • Are you recording these shows? If so, where could people view them?

All in all, it was a very nice show and I am inclined to watch the next installment.

thanks very much for your comments. The idea of the pilot was to learn more about the whole setup and how things work or not work so that I’ll be better prepared for the actual episodes starting next week.

Slowness: yes. Originally, I wanted to have a 30 min show. But I get carried away often times and start rambling. One of my weaknesses, actually. Hopefully, throughout the season, I will be able to cut to the chase more often. Also, with improved handling of the setup, the time spend on ramblings and disctraction will go down as well.

Background music: maybe. The biggest issue here is copyright infringements. I don’t want to use anything that I’m not allowed to. Also, it introduces another layer of technical stuff I need to keep in mind. But I will look into this and maybe incorporate that at a later point.

Introduction: argh, you’re right, I didn’t :slight_smile: Well, I need to write that down for the first episode.

The channel on YoutTube is called Spin Central Channel. Right now, I’m still rendering today’s episode so no video is online there. For the time being, you can check out the video on, though.

The schedule should be up eventually. I still need to flesh out some details. Basically, it’ll be on a bi-weekly schedule except the first and second episodes which will be next week and the week after. But exact times and dates will follow soon.

I am indeed recording the shows so people should be able to view them either on YouTube or livestream. com as of the above links.

Again, thanks for the comments. I appreciate them alot.

the next show will be this Saturday, here’s the Teaser Trailer for the next episode:

You can join the fun this Saturday at There will be a chat available on the page so that you can interact with me. Joy :slight_smile:

I must say, even though I won’t be able to catch most of the live showings, I will definitely be watching the “re-runs” on YouTube. Can’t wait to see episode 1!

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I’ll watch.

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ok, the show is done, but you can watch the recorded version of it over at Later it should be available on YouTube as well. I’ll let you know.

Thanks all for watching.