Thrower's Block

Have you ever gotten it? You just can’t come up with new tricks, and can only do your old tricks? It just happened to me. I haven’t been able to come up with any new material for tricks, or anything really. I just got out of it though, and have already begun working on new tricks, as well as finishing my song I’ve been working on for a few months. I may have to film a video over spring break to show my new stuff (Hint, hint).

So, yeah, have you ever had thrower’s block? (Really just a slightly different form of writer’s block)

every week…

Whenever I get throwers block, I just take a trick that I’m well practiced in, go about halfway though, and then trying something crazy, even if I think it won’t work.

If I don’t come up with anything new to practice, I keep on trying crazy stuff.

This method has never failed me.

Just coming out of a block myself

It’s happened to me several times and it just caused me to change my style completely for some reason.
I’ve finally quit changing my style though and I don’t try to create new tricks anymore since I’m now satisfied with all of mine.
I just do the same tricks/combos and If I randomly come across a new twist/element to add to one of my tricks/combos that looks better then before I’ll add it in.

yeah, not a fun feeling. What helps me is finding somewhere where I can see the string well (ie over some dark surface with good lighting) and listening to music and just throwing. That’s when I come up with stuff.

Easy solution: don’t make up your own tricks! Just learn other people’s tricks!

I’m totally kidding. I mean, that’s what I do for the most part, but still totally kidding. :wink:

I just stop yoing for like a week or two and then start again when the block happens to meh.

And I kendama it up in that time period :wink:

I’ve had it, but don’t throw for weeks at a time naturally either which takes care of it.  Just doing other things so when I come back to yoyo its usually with higher motivation and the skills more sharp!  So you might just want to take some time off?

This holds true for my own experience climbing and such and with yoyo’s.  It’s called the ‘reminiscence’ effect and is the brains’ reorganizing of neural command loops and the closing of useless ones during your inactive period which actually leads to an increase in skill instead of a loss in them.  :wink:

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yeah that’s going on with me I’m trying to work new mounts and so far it’s nice just need somewhere to go with them.

Hehe, that’s like the problem I had!

Also trying to figure a good way of getting body tricks like behind the back sorta stuff but nothing comes up. Any good tutorials out there I couldn’t find anything easy from a quick youtube search.

I usually only come up with maybe 1-3 new tricks a month. It’s hard sometimes.

Yeah or a new way of linking tricks together, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t been working on it very much.

If i get throwers block I just switch to a different style and its gone

It’s happened to me. I just keep throwing, even if it’s not new stuff, and eventually ideas will come. Watching videos for inspiration is also helpful.

Not in a while. A was on a long one about a month ago maybe, but since then, I’ve been rolling out new material at least every other day.

Try teaching someone else tricks you have already mastered and have great tips for. Usually when I don’t think about certain specifics, new things just randomly pop into my mind.

Well, almost got one trick done. Two more on the way. Seems my throwers block has passed.

I finally finished every trick for my contest routine and I think I’m coming down with a bad case of this (new material every day can be a little exhausting). Let’s see if failing at 5A for a couple hours will get the juices flowing…