Thrower's Block

That is exactly what I do. I go get my DMII and fail at 5a until I feel better and then go back to 1a.

yep the throwers block sounds like me right now i cant learn any new tricks cause its all too hard right now. And I can’t create any new ones because i’m too busy. So yeah.

I’ve had it for the last two years… so much on my plate and I never feel like studying tutorials for inspiration.

hasn’t failed me either brother

I need to try this

This is absolutely fantastic information! Thanks a lot for sharing this, man! I’ve had this experience with plenty of hobbies, especially more physical activities like skateboarding. I’ve always thought it was just my imagination or some placebo effect, but this is a great theory. Our brains are basically defragging themselves like a computer hard drive—Or our computers are defragging like our brains. Either way you put it, that’s sweet.  :)