I got throwers block...

so, I got throwers block, I am exhausted of combo ideas…now what?

So you need more combos? I also thought you have just been throwing for 4 months, if so, just experiment with chopstick tricks. Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/user/DangAzn#p/u/5/omkug76_h4U

Play 5a or 4a for awhile then switch back that’s watt I do when I get throwers block

Learn a new element. Perfect the Multifarious whip and make combos out of that. Throw sidestyle. Throw frontside.

when i get it, i try using a mount that i know very few tricks on. the first time, i used mach 5 whip mount. there is a lot you could do. then i used hudini, (one good one is if you drop your throw hand after you get into it. like the beginning of red clover). then i did some 1. 5 stuff. look at tuts and find aspects that you like. throw them in. i would recomend theorganizer and xela on youtube, rethinkyoyo.com and highspeedyoyo.com for other good websights.

You could also try to do the tricks you have with a responsive yoyo.

yeah, but you see Brian, that does not really help with throwers block. it just helps smooth out tricks.

The only thing to do when you get throwers block. start messin’ around with some 3-d stuff and lacerations and all that. try new stuff.

Yes and no. It does, however, make you not need to make up new stuff.


lol i guess he never specified what is being blocked

Except for he was right.

And responsive play makes you think opf alternatives. If you can’t do spirit bomb on a stock speed beetle, you’ll come up with other things to do. Promise.

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Perhaps you should get better at the basics before you attempt to be an innovator.
There are a million tricks to learn. You don’t need to be a hero and make all of your own. Its nice to learn the existing ones for inspiration and to smooth out your own play.

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I feel your pain, man. Happens to everyone at some point (or many points).

Try switching up whatever you always do. Normal yoyo you use? Change yoyos. Normal place to throw? Throw somewhere else. Stuck always doing the same random combos when you throw? Make a point to go into a mount you normally don’t go into. Like to watch a particular player’s videos? Watch some other player’s videos.

Changes of pace are just a good way to help your style to keep evolving and expanding.

Well specifically for you, Mista888, I would start by using a longer string so you can actually LAND on things :wink: . Another peice of advice aimed specifically towards you is to SLOW DOWN. Don’t try to do every trick too fast before you can do it slow. Trust me, the only reason I can do the tricks I do is because I am slow and in control.

Regarding Throwers Block in general, just try to mix it up any way you can! Something that works for me is to decide on a mount I want to END with. This makes me concentrate more on the elements I’m doing and what it does to the string. After a while, you’ll know many transitions INTO and out of mounts. It is really valueble knowledge when making combos!

Good luck to ya Bug!

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