Throw w/ Similar Profile to Velocity?

I was recently messing around with my girlfriend’s velocity, because I borrowed it for a day to do some maintenance on the bearing, and I found myself growing very fond of the profile shape. For reference it’s a 2011 Velocity, not the newer rounder 2012 version. The only problem is that I’m not a huge fan of the dials, they simply make the yoyo feel cheap to me. And not cheap in a $20 sense, it’s a fantastic value at that price, but cheap as in it’s just a little shakey. Almost like there are too many parts and it leaves it lacking that nice solid feel. So is there any yoyos out there with a similar shape/profile to the Velocity? The first thing that came to my mind was a G5 just because of it’s thin shape, but I don’t feel like dropping a bunch of money on a high end on whim. And preferably a plastic! :slight_smile:

Looks a bit like a thin Whip or maybe a Saber Raider from Yomega?


the werrd poo is a similar profile and wideness iirc

Take the dials apart, then glue the shaky bits back together. In
My experience, including having owned a g5, the Velocity has a feel all its own.

I was thinking ILYY Greyhound which is very similar to the Poo. Both have a slightly more modern shape than the Velocity and they both play much better.