Glide-like Throws

I recently got a Gold with Blue Splash Yomega Glide. I am loving it. Favorite throw by far. I must say though, when I first threw it, it felt really floaty, now I don’t feel it as much.
Anyways, I am planning on getting another yoyo on Black Friday and I have no idea what to get. I am asking you guys what yoyo do you think plays similar to a Glide. If you have nothing, what yoyo has about the same specs and same shape.
I am also not looking to spend over $100 (original price, not Sale price). Please get back to me (via reply to this post or PM) as soon as you can. I like to plan ahead.


If you are looking for something that is similar to Glide, check out the Supernova. It is kind of like a less extreme version of the Glide.

But maybe consider branching out a bit, instead of getting something similar to what you already have.

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Can’t somebody offer some help?

2013 supernova, burnside, chik!, genesis.

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That is weird. Which Genesis are you referring to? I have a normal Genesis and it is not even close to the Glide.

But I can see the other ones playing similar. Thank you.

Well those are just some throws with the similar H shape. I as referring to the 2012, but the Luis Ed. would be similar as well.

Maybe you should have followed through on our deal

Umm. What deal?

I was talkin to Zorro

Oh, okay.

The Code 1 has a similar H Shape, and plays very nimbly. Based on what I’ve heard, the Glide isn’t the fastest throw, but a Code 1 may be a nice medium–similar, but offering variety at the same time. Plus, the Code 1 has the benefit of side effects.

i don’t know about the specs, but if you want glide, the best glide-float ive tested is the Anglam CC, that’s yoyo for your bucks, nuff said

costs twice a hi end, plays like the best.

in yoyo, once you’ve reached the 60$ cost, when you want to add just a little more performance, you need to double up the price… so better make sure you actually NEED one (have the skills) before buying one…

Yeah, shouldn’t have bought that book.

So, then. Since you are the price expert. What can I get for under $100 that plays similar to a Glide other than a Glide.

I’ve played a glide. And the times I did it felt much like my Supernova. Hope that helps. :wink: