Yomega Glide vs. YoYo Factory Shutter

Does anyone own both of these yoyo’s? If so, which one do you prefer?

I have a Shutter, but am considering getting a Glide. It seems to be very H shaped and sleek.

Any opinion of the Yomega Glide is appreciate.


I’ve heard that it is good, but there are better throws for the same price now.

I think the Yomega Glide is really good. My brother has one that was once mine and I really enjoyed it. But has Pineapple Jumpsuit has said, there are better yoyos for the same price.

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It looks pretty good but for $60 I would buy either a YYF budget metal like the too HOT, or a good OD yoyo like a Downbeat or a Benchmark. Also check out the YYF aluminum dream.

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Maybe a rebellion qilin when it comes out. Or any of the rebellion yoyos.