“Throw Live” Atlanta Yoyo Club

I won’t be available next weekend, either.

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All good! We’ve got a few options I can think of then:

  • still hold a meet up at Rehearse Live next weekend, knowing it will likely be very small with Nats and people being unavailble
  • take the mulligan, have no event in June and then for July either
    • have a Marietta meet up as if we had done a Rehearse Live
    • push the Marietta meet to August and meet at Rehearse Live
  • have multiple meet ups in July, one at Rehearse Live and then one in Marietta

Whatever works best for you all works for me! I’ll keep the Facebook event for June synchronized with the plans whatever they end up being :slight_smile:

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Alright, next week my kids are off at sleepaway camp. Isaac, I know you said you couldn’t make it, but I’ve decided to go ahead and do it on the 26th.

If there’s no objection, I’d like to do 7/24 at Rehearse Live too. That’s the Sunday after camp ends.

@Isaac do you mind doing FB for both? Oh we may need to say 3-6. The church doesn’t usually let out until after 2.


Would y’all mind an out of towner stopping by? We’ve talked about taking a weekend trip, and Atlanta is a possible destination.

Would we mind? We’d love it!

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So we’re on for tomorrow at 3! I made an announcement to the crowd at the end of the rock camp show last night, so I hope at least one newbie shows up.

The church is slow to get out sometimes, but we can start upstairs.

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pfft :face_exhaling:

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I was pretty disheartened last month. Hopefully, some of you can make it this month, 07/24.