Meetup in GA


Hey Spin Toppers,

You’re welcome to join us!


Let’s meet here instead:

Sunday the 27th!



I don’t actually know how to use spin tops but I am wanting to. Oh and sorry I live in MO but if I was near GA I would totally come.


Well I would totally teach you if I could!

Have you been to:,2.0.html ?

Great bunch over there.


Well, the only top thrower and yo-yoer I saw there was Bruce P. I hadn’t seen him in years, and it was good to see him again.

I did manage to give away a top, though! Bruce was showing a kid how to throw tops. The kid got the hang of it, and was interested in them, so I gave him one of the Short Circuits. Hopefully we’ve added one to our ranks!


This is happening again tomorrow 2-5!