“Throw Live” Atlanta Yoyo Club

I’d definitely be down to meetup sometime over the summer too, planning another stay with my parents, they’re in the Kennesaw area.

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Quick question: how is everyone doing with vaccines? I think knowing everyone’s been vaccinated will help make venue-planning easier and faster.

For me, I’ve gotten my first dose and have my second one planned for the end of this month. So mid-May would be ideal for me.

I have been vaccinated. To my mind, that means I’m fine meeting, whether or not others are. I think it’s up to everyone’s own discretion at this point.

I’m thinking about going ahead with May 02 at 3 pm.

Also, I have a humidifier that kills viruses in the air and on surfaces. I could run that during the meet. ionopure Purity System – ionopure by ionogen

Everyone, please let me know what you think about that date and time at rehearselive.com.

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I don’t know for sure, but I should be able to make it. Personally, I’d like to take the meet outdoors in the shade, but indoors should also work. How long would the meet be? Isn’t it usually around 2-3 hours?

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Yeah, we could say 3-6.

There is some shade in the parking lot, and in the back part of the grass outside.

We could also open the windows if the weather’s not horrible.


So… I should lock this into my calendar??? May 2nd @ 3:00 pm


Sure, let’s go for it!

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So is this in Atlanta or near the mall of GA???

Mall of GA area I can do but Atlanta is over an hour away for me…

It’s just OTP. Map it from our website…

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Sorry, I got a lot of work to do so I won’t be able to make it this month. I’m looking forward to the next one though!

My apologies, I won’t make it this time. I tried to lift a very heavy conference table as if I was a superhero. Turns out, I am not a superhero and I can barely walk because of the damage I’ve done to my back. I plan to make the next one.

I would love to see some pictures from this meet though. A zoom call would be awesome.

I waited around for an hour, practicing guitar, and was about to pack it in when my friend called and asked if it was still on. We hung out for an hour and tried each others’ yoyos.

I think my favorite out of all of his was The American. I also liked the Slim Dunk and Retro Rocket. Those were the standouts for me. Some I barely threw, though, and they started to blend together. It would be nice to try some out a bit longer.

I Thought about a pic but didn’t bother.

Not sure if I’ll try again until fall…?


I sincerely wish I could’ve been there.


Is it because of time constraints or an apparent lack of interest? My school semester doesn’t end until near the end of May, so a meet near the beginning of June would be great for me, if possible.


Sorry I missed the meet! Totally blank out on it and ended up at the North GA Rock and Mineral expo.


I fly into atlanta the 12th (next Wednesday) and plan to stick around throughout the summer (until the beginning of August at least) so I would love to attend a meet up if you are open to hosting again. Beginning of June seems to be a good time for @SpyseaRice and it works for me as well, maybe it will also work for @jsn and @TheThrowingGnome?

Failing that my parents have pretty big house and are in the Kennesaw area. If Rehearse Live isn’t available and people are interested, I could see if my parents would be open to hosting at their place. It’s unfortunately about two hours from Dahlonega though @jsn which is a lot of driving to ask of someone.


Just super busy this time of year. May 30th, we’re setting up practice rooms for the rock and blues camp we host. June 6th, I’ll be out of town. June 13th, we’re setting up the gear in the event space for the camp.

Possibly we could do it on June 13th. I just might not be able to participate as actively, as I may need to help out with setting up the gear.

How does Sun 06/13 look for everyone?


I’ve been back and forth about asking to join since I am a few hours away but with that kind of notice I would definitely be interested in making the trip up there! 6/13 would work for me for sure!