“Throw Live” Atlanta Yoyo Club

I had fun at the Juggling Festival Yesterday!

I really need to do better about getting pics, but I have at least one to add later. If anybody else got some, please share.

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Here we go:

Google Photos

Google Photos

My son took the 2nd one with me in it. He walked all the way across the gym and then zoomed in. :roll_eyes:

That’s Chris Chunn in the middle!


So sorry I spaced out on this month’s meetup! I had it in my head that tomorrow was the first Sunday in March…

Let do next week Sunday March 15th, 2-5 pm


I’m thinking we’ll still do this?

I mean we’re never more than 10 or so ppl…

We’ll be in the big room this time too, so we won’t be so crammed in.

Please just don’t come if you’re sick, obviously.

If I hear from a lot of you that you’re not coming, I might call it.


Our schools are finally closed for the virus, but a lot of people are taking that as a reason to go out like it’s a vacation. My mom’s super vocal about how incompetent our government is and I agree that we should have closed down a week or more ago. Needless to say, I won’t be able to go this month, or the next few months either given the state of things. Just make sure you all stay smart and take necessary precautions so we’ll all still be here for whenever the next meet up is.

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Your K’Edge will be safely quarantined in my office until you return.

I vacillated on this, and maybe I should have cancelled this meetup.

I’m super sorry for such late notice, and really sorry for any inconvenience, but I think we shouldn’t meetup this month!

Stay tuned…

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Do you think we could do an online club meet through something like Zoom or Google Hangouts? It’s what a lot of schools are doing to keep teacher student communication so it could probably work for something like this.
We could change it from “Atlanta Yoyo Club” to “Internet Yoyo Club” lol


Changing “Throw Live” to “Go Live” would actually be way cooler

I think part of the fun of yoyo meet ups for most people is getting to try out different yoyos from someone else’s collection so a virtual meet wouldn’t really work here.

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Still not a bad idea. Could just share tricks.

Of course it’s not the same, but we wouldn’t be restricted geographically, so anybody could join.

I’ll look into it!


Any meetups soon? Trying hard not to lose motivation without the club😅


I have been thinking about it for sure! Are we comfortable with it?

I’m thinking:

  • We would only meet if the big downstairs room is available.

  • We can have wipes and sanitizer available.

  • Wipe yoyos before sharing, and use our own strings

  • Wear masks

What else, and how does everybody feel about it?


Do it Mike mike

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We don’t meet because of the close quarters and traffic volume of other folks passing through, but it sounds like your plan would be safe.
If it wasn’t averaging in the low 90s I would look for an outside venue here.

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I would totally dig a zoom meeting of georgia Throwers. Just to get acquainted with locals I’m in Dahlonega so atlanta is a haul.


One year ago I cancelled our meetup. It may still be too early to meet inside, but it was suggested by @TheThrowingGnome that we could meet in a park.

One of the great things about meetups is trying out different yoyos. I suppose that practice could be left up to the individual? We could each choose to not share yoyos, or wipe them with alcohol and use our own strings.

Let me know know your thoughts/interest, and I’ll organize something if it looks practical.


I’m down to meet! Everyone is welcome to try out my YoYos, no alcohol needed. I’ll be using my own string out of preference, not fear. Sunday afternoons are best for me. Happy yoyo!


Will the meet-up be all the way downtown? I live in Dahlonega.

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We used to meet at @Myk_Myks “Rehearse-Live” studios, so it’ll prolly be in that area. NE of Atlanta in the Gwinnett County/Mall of GA area.

Mall of GA area is totally do-able for me. I’m excited!!! Please let me know when we have a date or even a possible date. I want to plan accordingly.

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Any news guys???