Throw 2008

I just got Throw 2008 and I decided to reveiw it. I have been working on this for a while.
Throw 2008 review

Before I begin on my review of Throw 2008 I will begin with a short preface.
For those of you that don’t understand yo-yo terminology please check out these two links.

For FAQ please check these.

Now that that’s over with I can get on to how I will rate this video.
I will have multiple categories that I will judge and I will try to be fair.
Below are the categories.
Skill of player’s yoing: I will judge this by how fast the players yo, how skillful they are at it, and how smooth they are.
Skill of Editing: I judge this by what type of editing was used, how well it went together and if it was smoothly edited.
Music used: I judge this if the music was exiting, if it fits the mood of the yoers style, if it is offensive (which this video is coming from Brandon Jackson I highly doubt this.)
Quality of video: is judged by: how easy it is to see the string and shakiness.
Length of Video: how long the trailer/feature/bonus feature is, how much yoing is fitted into said things.
How cool it is: this is judged by how cool the yoing done is, how hard it looks and how smoothly (in a cool way of course  ;D the tricks are executed/transitioned to and overall coolness.
After saying what I am judging the video(s) I will start with the first trailer review.

First Trailer:
A trailer for Throw 2008 that is composed of tricks that is in the second trailer except these are in slow motion. It’s an okay trailer but it got sorta boring with the slow motion in it.
Skill of player’s yoing: there are only 3 players each doing one part of one slowmo trick. The tricks used are cool and look plenty hard. I give this 3 stars.
Skill of Editing: a very good job at editing this. 3 stars
Music used: goes with the video but very boring and has a potential of putting people (me) to sleep. I give this 4 stars.
Quality of video: very good. 2 stars
Length of Video: at 34 seconds this is shorter than the second trailer and for the time it could not fit very many tricks. 5 stars
How cool it is: very cool with some cool yoers with some cool parts of tricks. I give this a
cool 4 stars.
Bonus Stars:
Personal Opinion: in my opinion it is not as good a preview as the other one combine that and how much information it gave it was more of a teaser than a trailer. But that’s just one opinion. I give this 10 stars
Re-Watch Factor: I say out of a scale of twice to 100 times re-watch factor it is a 10 on it.
I give this 2 stars.
Enjoyment: It was kind of boring and not as entertaining as other parts of the movie.
5 stars.

Final Score: this gets a small amount of 41 stars out of a possible 350 stars.

The second preview A.K.A. the one that can be found here:
Is a very unique preview with Brandon Jackson’s video editing skills make a great video not to mention a great preview of Throw 2008.
The music used in this preview is very good in my opinion. The music used in this preview of a great DVD is: Clint Mansell - Main theme (Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack) the song sounded like I had heard it in some other preview for a movie and I can’t remember for the life of me which preview I had heard it in. The styles used in this preview are 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A and  Spin Tops. But mostly A is used in the preview with AA right behind in clips shown with AAA and Spin Tops tied for third least shown in clips. I say since lots of people say that this is the best video since Kickn’ Tricks I say that this is the best preview for a yoyo video that I have ever seen. (And I have seen a lot of yoyo video previews.) One change in the feature “Throw 2008” and this preview is that when this trailer was made there was 16 yoers in it, since then two more yoers have been added to the final product. Not that that is a bad thing.  ;D this is a work of art in itself now think, if this preview is a work of art alone think what the feature “Throw 2008” must be.  :o I could probably go on like this forever just about this preview but I must finish this part of my review of Throw 2008 and rate it.
Skill of player’s yoing: from what the preview shows I would say a neutral 5 of 10 possible stars.
Skill of Editing: very good editing. Brandon Jackson does a very good job on his videos. I give this 10 stars.
Music used: since I have not heard any other music by this person I am afraid I can’t give a accurate rating of the music by this person. If you have a different opinion of my rating please PM me your opinion on what this part should be rated. This particular song used me like so I give it 15 out of 20 stars.
Length of video: for 54 seconds it gives a lot of yoing time for this video. Also tells you that it will come out to most online retailers not all the online stores but the most popular ones at least. After all is said and done I give this 5 out of 10 stars.
How cool this is: this is a very cool preview with cool players, cool yoers, cool styles and cool yo-yo’s, even cool string!  :stuck_out_tongue: after watching this preview a lot. (Trust me you have no idea how many times I’ve watched this preview. If you want an idea of how many times I’ve watched this multiply 70 x 5 and that is just an idea of how many times I have seen this preview.) I give this 15 out of 20 stars.

Final Score:
Skill of player’s yoing brings 5 stars to the final score.
Skill of Editing: wields 10 stars.
Music used brings forth 15 stars
Quality of video has 17 stars.
Length of video brandishes 5 stars.
How cool it is comes out with 15 stars.
Bonus Stars:
Personal opinion: I enjoyed watching this preview and I have not tired of it. It has amazed me with the skill of the people yoing and the skill of editing. For the personal opinion bonus star(s) brings an extra 30 out of 100 stars to the final score.  :smiley:
Re-watch Factor: this is just me but I have watched this again and again and still have not tired of it. In my opinion it has a high re-watch factor. But for normal people this may be different so it will be affected accordingly. This bonus star(s) category brings out 40 out of 100 stars.
Enjoyment: I thoroughly enjoyed this preview and I have watched it many times. This bonus star(s) adds 25 out of 100 stars.
Final star tally
Star count: 162 stars out of 350 stars.

The feature “Throw 2008”
When I first got this today I immediately ran home up a hill to watch it and when I put it in my DVD player and pressed play on the menu for the scene selection after the first three people I discovered that it was awesome! As I continued to watch I was surprised at all the tricks that were done my least favorite player on there was Abe Ziahemer, good tricks but he was just plain weird in my opinion. I think that if a person were to buy this video than they would probably like it since there is a lot of different styles and players. I, before I saw this had not seen anything by any of these players, but after watching this I just want to see more. My favorite clip(s) was all the 3A (or AAA or triple a) done in this video. I especially liked Hank Freeman’s 3A and I want to see more of it. As a person that is learning 3A I enjoy watching 3A performed. Brandon Jackson’s 1A was amazing! I also liked Seth Peterson and Dave Poyzer I liked the night and day segments with him in it. I also liked the clip(s) where the 4A was done. Very well put together. My Final thoughts on this video are that it could have standed a longer time, but the special features really helped make up for this. If there is to be another video I would like to see some more Yuuki Spencer, more Hank Freeman 3A and more 4A.
Skill of Players yoing: very good, all the tricks were very smoothly executed, some of the players looked like they were having fun, some of the players (or most of them) looked like they were concentrating on what they were doing. I give this 10 stars.
Skill of Editing: very good editing. I found two main things wrong with it; #1. In between each segment there was a black background that always lasted a few seconds. And  #2.
There was a lot of neck and above cut off but this was balanced by fullish shot tricks.
I give this 5 stars.
Music Used: there was quite the variety of music used. I liked most of it but the Abe Ziahemer music was a little weird in my opinion. I give this 14 stars.
Length of Video: at half an hour this fits a lot of tricks. If Brandon makes another video than I would say try to make it a little longer. Also some players had like one minute to one and a half minutes unless they were with another person or something. After all of this I give this division 7 stars.
How cool it is: This film is very cool with some cool yoers. Abe had the right clothes to be seen from a great distance so I guess some yoers think that he looks cool. The yo-yo’s used are cool. The overall coolness of the video gets this 10 stars.

Bonus Stars:
Personal opinion: in my personal opinion this is definitely worth the money if you like any of the yoers that are in this video. 50 stars this topic gets.
Re-Watch factor: very high. This video is very well performed and well worth watching again and again. This gets 70 stars.
Enjoyment: I enjoyed this very much and I think that anyone that buys this was spent $20.00 well. I give these 55 stars.

Final Score: the final score of the video is: 221 stars of a possible 350 stars.

Special Features:
I like all the special features on this video. But my personal favorite (if you have a personal favorite please feel free to post it in the reply for this thread.) clip is the Paul Yath and Hank Freeman’s M.E.C. 3A and 2A demo. Just awesome 3A and great 2A. My personal favorite of the two in 3A in Hank and they are even in 2A in my opinion. The two trailers are cool. And the “eye hit video” is funny. I like all the clip videos from Brandon Jackson. My favorites from those are DuncanXBrandonJackson, M.E.C. and A day at the Lake. (Once again if you want you can say what your favorite(s)) are from this clip video section. Any improvements that I would have in mind would be in another video have some videos from other people if you can get permission and have all style clip videos.
Skill of Yoers: since there are only a few I will only rate those. The skill of the players is very good. I recognized that some clips from the videos were used in the movie.
I will give this 9 stars.
Skill of editing: the editing on this is very well done and very cool for most of them.
I give this 5 stars.
Music Used: the music that was used was pretty good, I really like the music in the Paul Yath and Hank Freeman demo the others used are the basic genre of music used in yo-yo videos nowadays. I give this 10 stars.
Length of videos: the length of the videos is about standard in yo-yo clips nowadays. So
this gets 10 stars.
How cool it is: Since everything is cool I will give this 10 stars.
Bonus Stars:
Personal Opinion: the special features on this video are very good and well executed.
40 stars.
Re-Watch Factor: all the special features are very re-watch able and very cool.
60 stars will I give this topic.
Enjoyment: this is self-ranked enjoyment factor. On a scale of 100 to 100,000 I would give it 40 stars.

Final Score:
This section gets 184 stars of a possible 350 stars.

The combined Final Score:
In this section I will give the overall rating and the rank.
Overall the movie gets 607 stars out of 1400 stars!
The rank of this video this star level it gets a “must buy” and awesome rating.

Any constructive help with me writing reviews and any constructive criticism is welcome.

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Dude…teach me to write reviews! That was the most well read, thought out, descriptive, and amazing review I have ever read. Wow, amazing! I am blown away!

thanks. all I did was have a rating system combined with a short reveiw divided in segments.

anyone else have any comments.

Holy Cow, that was one heck of a review! Thanks!

Just a heads up, Paul Han is not in this video. You meant “Paul Yath”.

oops, yep I meant Paul Yath fixing…
EDIT: fixed.