"Through Hole" on TMBR Irving

I want to get a wooden fixed axle throw for stalls (I am addicted to stalls) and other fixed tricks, because my Butterfly just isn’t cutting it. I was eyeing the Irving since it is the cheapest TMBR, but I have one HUGE concern about it. It looks like the one on the shop doesn’t come apart. Part of me says that this isn’t that big of a deal because I have never knotted my Butterfly, but I am still kinda paranoid. BUT it says that it has a “through hole” for knots. What is a “through hole” and does it actually allow you to get knots out? Should I just go for the Freemont ($9 more and take apart)? I REALLY can’t go more expensive than the Freemont.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I really like take apart yoyos and would pay more for it. its the only feature I have found to be a solid “I want” kind of thing. I would easily pay a few bucks more to get a throw that comes apart.
That being said, I don’t think you would even need the hole to get out a knot, I never needed more then a paper clip or safety pin. I’m sure the hole will help some though to get the string loosend.