Irving vs freemont

I’m looking to get wooden fixed axle what should I get, irving or freemont? If there are any others feel free to suggest those too.

I’ve thrown other fixed axles before but never had a TMBR product. I’d like to know the same question.
Others’ takes on these two yoyos?

I have an Irving which is really fun and challenging. Both the inside and outside of the rims are really sharp, especially considering that it’s fixed axle and responsive (careful!!!). Of course this shape gives it more rim weight. Probably easier to manufacture too.

I haven’t played with a Freemont, but I would rather get one of those since has a classic butterfly shape and would be more comfortable. Plus it’s take apart; knots can be tough to get out on the Irving. Though the Freemont is more expensive…

Either way you’re good I would think. Anyone know which is wider?

Not sure which is wider. I’m waiting on a Fremont in the mail, so I’ll compare it to a FHZ or something else butterfly shaped to give you guys a comparison

i’m currently rollin’ a 3in1 no jive, that i’m borrowin’ from a dear friend :slight_smile:

i’m surprised at how smooth this thing rolls…no ticklin’ or nothin’. the 3in1 is a quality fixed axle yo yo. i mean it came from tom kuhn, 'nough said.

w/ that bein’ said, i have yet to try a tmbr yo yo. i very much look forward to it, however…



OOOHHH :slight_smile: I’d trade multiple throws for a no jive, especially a Flying Camel!