Three OD and a YYF

OD Benchmark W, OD Gradient, OD Code 1, and YYF Shutter


Thanks mate.

Love it, but those brass SEs add so much center weight - almost as much as RSMs :slight_smile:

They’re not brass, they’re just orange in color =P The brass is slightly more yellow and lighter in color. I do have a brass one waiting to exchange YYE. I found out that the brass is so heavy that it causes my Gradient to go ape.

Here is what happens when the brass Code 1 SE is equipped on my Gradient,

That’s a really nice picture

I’ve retaken the photos and made it better by including the original side effects on the yoyos.

^Even better

Drools… Luv them great photography

Thanks guys, I do have some more pics but of my One Drop yoyos only.