Did One Drop quit making brass side effects?

I was interested in the Parlay and Nate reviews yo-yos said it plays better with brass flat side effects. I can’t find seem to find them here or on the One Drop website. Do they not sell them anymore? ???

Possibly contacting One Drop; directly; might yield more effective results🤓


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FWIW, I disagree. I tried heavier SEs, and now I’ve got Ultra Lights in mine.

I think Nate also recommends a centering bearing. IMO, a centering bearing and heavier SEs, suck half the fun out of the Parlay. With lighter SEs and a flat bearing, it’s just such a fun and reactive yoyo! By far, I’ve played my Parlay more than any other yoyo, since I got mine a in late November. My “performance” yoyos kind of bore me right now…

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try out different setups, that’s part of the fun too, of course. GL, finding the brass SEs!

You could try a Lego SE, and add weight with Lego pieces…

I’m imagining a yoyo with Lego castles or battleships sticking out the sides with the people being like “it’s still to light!” :joy:

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Well I don’t have a scale, but these for instance, probably add a few grams:

I put them on thinking I was being silly, especially since the Downbeat is already 70 grams, but I ended up enjoying it. It makes for a cool contrast to the Parlay.

I’ve got brass ultralights on my Parlay, been meaning to go back to the standard ultralights. While it does add noticeable center weight to the Parlay, it adds this thud at the end of the string on throws that I’m not that crazy about. Out of all the side effects I’ve used on it, Ultralights and flat caps seem to play the best, IMO.

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I actually put brass MMC-style SEs on my Parlay (put copper spikes on my MMC). Definitely adds some stablility, but not so much that it puts the yoyo on autopilot. I imagine OD will do another run of them before too long.

Yeah, I just bought some brass domes back in November. I must have gotten some of the last ones. I actually got them with my Parlay, on Nate’s recommendation.

A lot of people seem to prefer the extra weight, and absolutely you should try it. Hopefully they’ll make some more soon. It’s just my opinion, that you’re kinda fighting what the Parlay wants to be. Different strokes…

At any rate, don’t hold off on the Parlay. It’s so much fun! Also consider the Lego SE, with some domes or some such, like I did on my Downbeat, to add some weight.

I keep checking the OneDrop site to see if a NQP Parlay pops up ;D.

Yeah, you can get a deal if your patient. The ones they have now are pricey. GL

We did not quit making brass Side Effects.

The machine that we use to make Side Effects was down for a couple of months. It’s back up and running now but our first priority is making sure we have enough Side Effects to go in the yoyos we ship. Once we are caught up on that we’ll be doing more brass.



See guys I knew this was the place to ask my question! :smiley:


And because you did, now we all know the answer! :wink:

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You guys better not buy all the brass side effects :smiley:

Let us know how you like your Parlay. When you get the brass SE, let us know what setup you like best with it.