Thread question... literal thread

Hey everyone, does anypony know where I can get large spools of thread for a low cost?. I’ve been making string and would like to lower my spending cost.

How big do you need? Most sewing and fabric stores can sell some pretty large bobbins and spools.

Those strings you sent me a while ago, I’m still on one because it won’t wear out. Man, make more of those blue and pink ones, those are freakin’ amazing because I’ve been playing that one since you sent it and it just won’t wear out! Granted, I’m not playing my DM2 quite as much as I used to, but I’m still playing it a lot and that’s saying something!

hmm lettuce see… my friend who can make basic poly buys it from michaels.

studio,when did I send you string?

I found some thread… I got 9000 yards of thread at walmart for 6 dollars… yerp

Is it sturdy? My short lived string making venture taught me that cheap thread can just snap when you spin it. I found it easiest to stick with expensive stuff. You can get larger spools of it that will make quite a few strings for around $17… I think.

It spins great and plays really well. Ill see how long it lasts and tell y’all. Its actually some pretty good thread.

Nice :slight_smile:

Yep,the power of walmart…