how much is thread to make homemade yoyo string

i want to start making my own yoyo string but i need to know how much the materials are

If you know where to buy, you can get 3,000 yards for $2.00

joans fabrics

You should also know the “secret” thread, glow thread, and cool thread like neon/sparkle to compete against some strings out there

I order my glow, metallic, and other specials online.

what site

If I told you, they wouldn’t be specials, now would they?

Joann’s fabrics is great, that is where I get all my thread.

There is some cheaper-prices thread for a beter deal, but it is fairly rough.
There is some more expensive thread that is quite soft.

You really just have to decide what you want.

Save more money, or better string?

P.S. YoYoLunatic, I’m starting a yoyo string business in the summer (SUPA String!) so if you need any help with making string PM me :slight_smile:

well i have 40 bucks so yeah im gonna buy the cones

Semi off topic, but does anyone know how to make glow in the dark string or where to get the materials?

ye around 30-40 bucks

You can find Coats Overlock thread 3000 yd for $2 at Walmart.
Which is cheap, thin (light weight?), thread.

Glow in the dark string - made with glow in the dark sewing thread, expensive stuff.
Don’t know anything about making normal thread glow some how.