Thoughts on YYR Helvetica?

Anyone used this? If you have please tell me your thoughts on it.

Probably same reception as their rebellion line

Yeah thanks. For nothing, that is.

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It’s too much for a 6061 yoyo and doesn’t look that unique. Seems like the same thing as their rebellion line. I wouldn’t expect it to be that interesting. There’s very likely many better options for $65.

It seems that way, but this is YYR. The yoyo may be much better than it looks. It looks like a very middle of the road design, and in my opinion, those are the best yoyos.

The $65 price tag could also be because of very stringent quality control perhaps?

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It honestly probably plays great for a 6061 yoyo. Its likely better than the Shutter or Horizon or other super budget metals but I think things get a lot more competitive after $60 because that’s when 7075 and budget bimetals really start coming in.

I don’t think the price is because of extremely high quality control, YYR and Japanese companies are just known to sell yoyos for a very high cost, that’s just how it is.

When the rebellion line was first announced years ago I actually expected it to do pretty well but the reception really wasn’t that great. Many people said they were good but weren’t anything special or groundbreaking even for the price. Probably because if you’re making the best yoyos like YYR were at the time, you can’t really argue about the price. The best is the best, even if it costs 50% more than other high end yoyos. You can’t really do the same thing in the budget market, for the higher prices they sell for they can’t compete with the best bang for your buck throws. Helvetica and the other ones probably the same situation.

I actually really like the shape, I just wouldn’t pay that much for what it is. If you’re looking for casual fun throws, there’s better yoyos in that price range, that’s not really what the Helvetica is. If you’re looking for a pure competition high performance yoyo, which is what the helvetica is supposed to be, there’s better yoyos in that price range.

I obviously haven’t tried it though but knowing YYR this is probably how it is.

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I got one as soon as it dropped. Plays great as expected. It’s very fast and stable for its shape and weight. In spite of its great playability I am going to sell it. I prefer organics and organic H shapes to V.