Rebellion yoyos... thoughts?

What are peoples thoughts on the new rebellion line of yoyos?  They look astounding for the price but I haven’t heard any reviews for the current ones.

Also, they are releasing four new models at worlds, read more about it here-

The three they’ve released so far (Acro, Butcher, Golyat) are fantastic. The quality is top notch and they play as well as anything else yoyorecreation has released.

I suspect the new models will awesome be as well, and I’m really looking forward to the Dread because I’m a sucker for oversized yoyos.

I am actually really interested in the whole line of rebellion yoyos. Just the fact that you can have a YYR yoyo(Sort to speak) without spending $200+ is music to my ears. I might just have to pick up one or a few for myself.

The Golyat is my current go-to yoyo, I absolutely love it and will be picking up another soon. The Butcher is great too, and I’m really looking forward to the new models. Excellent budget stuff from YYR/Rebellion.

Just last night I was looking at the Golyat and was wishing that there would be some in white… Maybe Kengo Kido can read my mind all the way from Japan :smiley: Now hopefully YYE will get some in stock soon…

White Delrin/Celcon/POM is my favorite yoyo material, it’s not even close. It goes back to the Albino Bee phenomenon…wish I still had one of those.

I want a dread and the sleipnir based one

Waiting for something based on the gleipnir /triplet/clash12 and another for the e=mc2.

Since pretty much everything that rebellion has and is making is based off their yyr counterparts, what if they made a budget draupnir :o

Quurilin and golyat and dread g look great.

I have a sleipnir, wondering how the quilin compares… Might be my going out sleip lol.

The first time I saw the Dreadnought G, I wanted it because it was so heavy, and I wanted to feel the power. Alas, it was super expensive. The Dread G is gonna be awesome.

I wish they’d make a not as expensive Negator. I really like the looks of that one but no way am I spending $250 for a set that I’m going to beat.

I wish I had Dread G’s, or Dreads. Because SOMEHOW I’LL MAKE THEM WORK FOR 3A. Or have extra 1A yoyos

Does anyone think these will drive away business from the high-end YYR?

Probably not

Most of the people who are in the market for oringial sleipnirs , acros, dreadnoughts , etc. Want the originals regardless .

Also the originals can all be found for sub $100 a lot of the time .

I wouldn’t have thought so either. Most new YYR are all snazzy bi-metals, and YYR has that prestige that people are willing to pay money for. Plus, these Rebellion don’t seem to be flying off the shelves just yet. I think people are still a bit afraid to pull the trigger. :-\

That being said if the Qilin actually plays anything like a Sleipnir for ~$50, you’ll be looking at the budget-yoyo king, in which case I can imagine it becoming very popular indeed.

I think I need to give these guys a try myself. Might pick one or two up with my next YYE order. The new ones really interest me for sure. :slight_smile:

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i have tried the golyat.

it is my favorite plastic. no questions asked.

it is awesome for fingerspins. flippin AWESOME in general.

oversized, grinds for years, and fingerspins? YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!

“BUT THE YETI IS-” hush children, the yeti is in a VERY CLOSE 2nd before you beat me up. (srsly good yoyo tho, good job chris ;))

i need to try the quilin tho…i agree with gambit. it could even potentially blow the shutter out of the water if it plays a lot like the sleipnir and is ~$50ish.

then again, there are hundreds if not thousands of shutters in the world, soooooooo… ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Th designs, price, and simplicity of it just appeals to me so those are all on my want list but I won’t be getting them for a longg time.

A Golyat is on my list, and I really like how the Liliputian is looking (we need more good undersized throws!). Also, the Quilin looks pretty good, may have to try it based on reviews.