Rebellion yoyos... thoughts?

I just ordered the full current lineup from YYE, I’ll give you guys my first impressions when they arrive ;D

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Hi guys,

I just got the full rebellion lineup in the mail today and I am beyond impressed. They are all so smooth.

The butcher is very powerful, despite what the weight says it is not sluggish nor is it a rock on a string. The finish is incredible for grinds, and it is so smooth.

The Golyat is surprisingly stable for a plastic model without weight rings. The golyat is great for horizontals. Do not let it’s diameter scare you away from this amazing throw.

The acro is very comfortable in the hand. It is the widest of the current rebellions and is probably the fastest of the three. Mine is a non blasted red version and is terrible for grinds. With that being said, the new run coming out soon is blasted for all of you grind fans.

I will do a more in-depth review for the three once I get a chance to throw them for a while. If you guys have any questions about them feel free to ask.

Cool nice to hear your thoughts.