Budget throws


So I don’t know if anyone noticed but it seemed that most of the budget yoyos are about $45. YYF practically has a Line of $45 yoyos with the shutter, CZM8, and Too HOT, which contain most of the different yoyo shapes. I noticed that Duncan also was selling the Torque at $45 and the Echo at $40. The rally is going at $45 and the two new yoyofficer throws are $40 and $45. So what is next? Are prices going to go down or is quality going up? The Too hot seems even smoother than the shutter so is YYF going to keep the attainable $45 price tag and give even more bang/buck or will they bring prices down further like YYJ with the XLR8? So what Im asking is What direction is the affordable yoyo revolution yoyo going to go?


With $40 to $45 seeming to be affordable and judging by the quality of product YYF and YYO and C3 and Duncan and all the other manufactures are delivering to us I imagine this to be the target price range and that the quality will get better and better.


I would say as long as technology and material cost stay low then prices should stay even. When a manufacturer has to start retooling and the raw stock prices rise then the price is reflected at the register. Also these companies know their markets, a parent will most likely pay the under 50 price then the 100>. Having 3 of my own kids I try to use price as leverage for their hobbies, you put more into it you will get better supplies. My son gets ripped at me when I buy better yoyos or fishing gear then he has, yet he doesn’t use them as much or put in as much effort for me to justify the higher costs.


I think this is great! When I started to throw, the only real “budget yoyos” were the Northstar and Protostar and DV888. Now that the wallet friendly yoyos are getting more and more popular, I think many more manufacturers are going to go down this route. This is the price that two halves of aluminum should have been a long time ago, not that I’m hating on other companies that have a bigger price tag on their yoyos. I’m just saying that having a $45 metal yoyo is nice.