Great to see some sweet mid priced

yoyo’s in the New Release section.

Was looking for a new throw/collection yoyo and was personally delighted to see so many reasonably priced yoyo’s for the beginner or anyone actually.

It’s tuff to start throwing again after being away if you cannot find a fair price on a yoyo. There seem to be many more now on the market.


I was just thinking the same thing. I’m noticing a “sweet spot” for me, between $45 and $65 that seems so perfect. It’s that price that allows you to buy a great playing yo-yo, that also looks great, but you don’t feel it in the pocket so much.

Never has a yoyo combined a fair price (not saying “cheap”, just fair), great looks, and outstanding play characteristics more than the Golden Galaxy TooHOT.

I also have the C3 Accelerator way higher on my “wants” list than many yoyos costing 4x as much.

Suffice it to say… I agree with ginny!

I remeber 3-4 ish years ago when I was looking for entry priced metals.

You were basically directed to yyf fundamentals which looking back on it

  • undersized and $65, only 4-5 choices *
    As a community we didn’t really have that many choices.

But now there are so many great choices in the $30-$65 range

Yoyofficer (all 14 or, can’t remember)
Yyf - shutter, too hot, shu ta, cypher, horizon, CZM8
Werrd- minute , 86400
Whimsy- aloha, roar
C3- level 6, accelerator, teleport
God tricks new stuff is also really cool

What else am I missing *?

I am very much inclined to agree. I recently picked up a Shu-ta and TooHot and they’re both fantastic. Truly great throws by any standard, I’m thoroughly enjoying both of them.

In fact, I glanced over at my Draupnir as I was throwing my Shutter and couldn’t help but think “man, I could buy 5 of these for the same price as one of those…”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad there are still the high end options out there, and I don’t mind dropping $200 or so on a yoyo that I really want. However it’s definitely nice to be able to pick up 4 or 5 different really good yoyos for the same price. I think I’m going to start leaning towards the budget metal market a bit more from now on. :slight_smile:

I mean I’d love to own a Dazzler, but when I think about that $500 price tag as “10 Shutters” or “7 Shu-Ta”… suddenly I’m less inclined.

Yoyo manufacturing has definitely changed and let beginners have an option for amazing play without sacrificing your wallet lol

I agree with all you guys, more and more great stuff. I think we should keep your list of mid-priced stuff going. I think the YoyoFactory line is the best so far (TooH.O.T., Cypher, and Shutter are played every day here). The blasted Horizon is incredibly smooth too. But, Yoyofficer has some nice players with Nifty, Lava and IMP (lower than mid-priced even). Duncan has the Strix and Echo 2. One Drop also has the Cafe Racer and Dingo in that range. Oh, and don’t sleep on that C3 Teleport, it really surprised me.

how did i forget the echo 2 and strix…

oh and the torque, that one is seriously good!

This. It takes one bad throw to turn that Draupnir into far less value as well. I’d be upset if I dinged a $200 throw but $50? Just wind her up and keep throwing.

Metal for Everyone!

It’s a brilliant time to be a yo-yo player.

whimsy roar is awesome and $50

I’m loving the horizon, and it’s super easy to learn finger spins with.


I had a few CLYW BBB’s that I loved the look of but just didn’t want to ever throw which defeats the purpose of them for me personally. I know some out there are collectors and I can respect that but for example recently acquired another Shutter and have a Shu-ta on order and it is still less than a single CLYW BBB lol. Also if I ding, scratch or whatever I’m not going to cry a little on the inside. :slight_smile: Ok maybe I still will but my wallet won’t!

Thanks all for adding your thoughts to this thread and mentioning many mid-priced by names. It is important that new members see so many longtime forum users support the older and new mid-priced yoyo’s…

I clearly agree that YYF has done an outstanding job in this particular price range with others coming in as well.

I am going to grab a Too Hot and Roar; actually there are a dozen I would like to add to my Quiver of YoYo’s…

Keeping a list would be great and certainly make it easy for forum members to look and see without going all through shops in search of that mid range throw.


(want some new smileys…)

the only problem with these lower prices is that its harder and harder to keep myself from throwing my wallet at yoyoexpert…

This is why I ended up with like 14 $20-50 throws . it just seems so harmless to pick one up for the price.