Thoughts on the Kraken?


What is your opinion of the One Drop Kraken? I’m considering it for my next purchase ;D.


Great throw, i regret getting rid of mine…


It’s a fantastic yoyo. Its big and burly with weird curves, and not a sharp-angled zippy v-shape as is often quite popular in general.

It took me several days to learn how to throw it properly without getting wobbles or tilt. This largely due to the increased size and different way my hand rested in the catchzone. Once I learned to control it in the way it needs to be thrown, I loved it a lot.

Its definitely a different feeling due to its shape and size, but its fun! Stable, confidence inspiring, and not overly heavy considering its size. I like having something with a different charachter in my collection rather than a bunch of stuff that is basically the same. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it if you get one.

Incidentally- I am giving a brand new Kraken away, if you’re interested in entering a silly creative contest. Check it out here:


I agree with cjp about the tendency to tilt or wobble, but once you figure out how to throw it, it’s great. This is my favorite “oversized” throw, comfortable and long spinning.


Oversized yoyos, like the kraken aren’t my favorite. I have often found the kraken to be uncomfortable, but if you like oversized yoyos give it a spin!


It’s a great, long spinning, wide yoyo. I especially like my Kraken when I’m working on a new trick - it’s very forgiving and not wobbly at all.