One Drop Kraken

As requested:

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I put it next to some other One Drop throws for comparison. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I’ll see if I can get better ones later.

That looks awesome.

Ouch… my wallet…

The shape sort of reminds me of a Sakura with low walls

Love this yoyo!!!

I’ve heard rumors that the best way to capture a Kraken is to encapsulate in Nickel…


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How is it when u release the kraken?

Absolutely loving this thing so far! It’s slow and lazy, but in a good way, and one of the most stable throws I’ve used. The rim weight helps it spin forever. The size of the catch zone makes it easy to hit the string every time. I’ve been able to string together tricks that I haven’t in the past.

It’s definitely not a competition throw. You’re not necessarily going to be able to do tight, technical tricks with it (not that I can yet, anyways) but it definitely brings a grin to my face every time I pick it up.

And I’m not just saying this 'cause Paul gave it to me. I’ve been lusting after this throw since I got to try the prototype at the shop.

Never mind… Tight, technical doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Kraken. These guys made a liar outta me:

How much are they going to sell for?

No clue. Paul gave it to me. :wink:

The Kraken looks rad!

Also, BBBBB - I love your yin-yang Cabal!

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The Kracken is an awesome yo-yo!! So much fun to throw. I seriously have not been able to put it down. Looks big and heavy but doesnt feel that way to me on the string. It feels extremely solid and stable. The rim weight gives it a super powerfull and long spin time. I really like the Kracken. Plus the halves look like spraypaint can tops to me!!! :slight_smile: Great job onedrop!

I’ve been looking for a H shape. I’m gonna jump on one when theyre released.

If it comes in Hobgoblin, I’ll buy it immediately upon release.

If any OneDrop guys are reading this. Hobgoblin. I need one. Take my money.

They said on Instagram that the Kraken is going to come in the same colorways as the Terrarian

Sorry to say it won’t come in Hobgoblin :-\ Only Terraria colorways.

At least it’s releasing in a ton of colorways, and they’re all awesome, imo. :smiley:

Is there any ideas on when they will “RELEASE THE KRAKEN??”" :wink::wink:

I asked that same question on their Facebook page. They said they’re still working out the details. Hopefully soon.