One Drop is expanding their partnership with independent game studio Re-Logic once again by bringing another yo-yo from the game of Terraria to life! The Kraken!

As the name suggests, the Kraken is monstrous. With a diameter of 60mm it is the biggest yo-yo that One drop has ever designed. That may sound intimidating, but don’t be frightened – This legendary sea monster can move!

The oversized Kraken has a unique weight distribution which gives it a surprisingly nimble and maneuverable feel on the string. It plays as fast as you can push it without that heavy ‘rock on a string’ feel that some larger yo-yos are known for. The curvy H-shape profile and large diameter give it a really powerful spin and a comfortable feel in the hand that make the Kraken feel right at home from the first throw.

Hidden away from the world for far too long, we think it’s time to finally release the Kraken!

Midnight Release! Tuesday Dec 6th @ 11:59 PM EST!