Thoughts on 66% yo-yos?


I don’t feel like I need any more “competition” type yoyos for a while, so I’m just looking for a fun throw. I want something that can live comfortably in my pocket. I think the idea of a mini version of a shutter or haymaker is just so (dare I say) cute lol. Are they worth it? Price doesn’t matter much to me. Are these things enjoyable or should I get something like a yyf heist (narrow and normal diameter)?

Anyone used a 66% shutter?
(Spinworthy Glen) #2

I like small yoyos, so I bought a 66% Barracuda.

It had an incredibly bland feel in play, not nice at all. It also wasn’t a particularly great performer. In a yoyo that size, some sort of string centering bearing is important too, which is not included. Instead they use a flat NSK bearing, great quality of course, but I think a better course of action would have been to use a generic centering bearing.

The maching of it was left a bit to be desired. On one half there was a raised lump in the hub, but not on the other half. I asked the manufacturer about it and their response was basically ‘they’re just like that’.

The bearing was stuck badly in mine and couldn’t be removed with conventional bearing removal tools. However, had I have thought about it more at the time, I could have used the end of a drill bit.

It was the only metal yoyo I’ve ever returned.


I actually like the 66% Barracuda and didn’t find it bland. It plays better than expected for a yo-yo of it’s size. I would put the Shutter & Barracuda over the Haymaker. The Haymaker bi-metal design just doesn’t have the weight/power that the steel Shutter/Barracuda have.

I recommend the Heist too, right after throwing it I bought one and still throw it pretty regularly. Definitely one of my favorite pocket throws. Even though it’s slimmer, it has a great feel. It might be a little harder to hit slacks, but it’s rewarding when you get them just right!

If you want to spend a little more, the Sengoku Masamini is by far the best performing undersized throw in my opinion. It’s not quite as small as the 66%'s or Heist, but still fits comfortably in any pocket and doesn’t feel like it’s size holds it back at all.


I second the Masamini recommendation.


Idk about any of the other 66% throws but this stealth ogre is blowing my mind with how awesome it is. It’s kinda sharp on the catch but so was the original. It spins long and doesn’t feel like a rock. I even chopped up some lateral caps so it fingerspins now. I do have to agree with glen about the Flatbearing being a bad decision(my bearing isn’t stuck though)the NSK that comes with it is a beast just sad it’s flat. The string rubs the sides and makes it spin not tilt like a normal sized throw. I ordered a centering bearing but the cheapest one I could find was $10 for a size A centertrack, I feel robbed lol. Idk if YYE is gonna get these but I do recommend it